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Schoolies Break Loose at the End of Year 12

year 12 celebrateAs with many things in life Schoolies Break Loose at the End of Year 12, as one things ends, it marks the beginning of something new. Year 12 is no different. School leavers often feel a sense of nostalgia for their memorable school years… and on the other hand, they’re champing at the bit for the new adventure that awaits them.

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Top 7 Group Costume Ideas for Muck up day year 12.

year 12 costumesThe much anticipated year 12 end is almost here, and that can only mean one thing. It’s time to celebrate! School is soon to be a distant memory, but memories should be treasured… and your Muck Up Day celebrations are surely going to leave you with some fond memories. The aim of the game on Muck Up Day is always to have as much fun as possible!

As it is pretty much the standard to dress up in costume on muck up day, you’ll probably be wondering about which character you should become. Although there are so many individual characters to choose from, wouldn’t it be so much fun to dress up with your friends as a group? Besides, team mischief has way more impact!

This muck up day, why not get your closest friends together and team up to become the most memorable muck up day characters of the year? In case you’re not sure where to start, we’ve got some costume ideas for you:

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