Top 7 Group Costume Ideas for Muck up day year 12.

Posted on October 18, 2018 by dale

year 12 costumesThe much anticipated year 12 end is almost here, and that can only mean one thing. It’s time to celebrate! School is soon to be a distant memory, but memories should be treasured… and your Muck Up Day celebrations are surely going to leave you with some fond memories. The aim of the game on Muck Up Day is always to have as much fun as possible!

As it is pretty much the standard to dress up in costume on muck up day, you’ll probably be wondering about which character you should become. Although there are so many individual characters to choose from, wouldn’t it be so much fun to dress up with your friends as a group? Besides, team mischief has way more impact!

This muck up day, why not get your closest friends together and team up to become the most memorable muck up day characters of the year? In case you’re not sure where to start, we’ve got some costume ideas for you:

  1. Muck up day costumesThe Mario Brothers

Don’t have a large group of friends? No worries! World-famous Italian video game brothers Mario and Luigi make a great pair for you and close friend to dress up as. Those trademark moustaches, hats and overalls never fail to amuse!

If you do have a wider friends circle, bring the whole Super Mario family to life with Waluigi (the third Mario brother), Wario (the final boss), Yoshi and Princess Peach (Princess Toadstool). That’s the whole Gameboy Gang covered!

  1. Despicable me

If you’re a Despicable Me fan, the minions could be the perfect muck up day team. It doesn’t matter how many friends you’ve got, as you can never have too many minions. Imagine the fun, running around the school grounds looking for your evil teachers!

Minions Bob, Kevin, and Stuart could surely use a hand with this important end of year mission. What’s more, Minion costumes are hilarious… and as nobody knows who is inside them, mischief is easier to achieve than ever! Minions are a win-win costume choice for your crew.

  1. Harry Potter

year 12 costumesHarry Potter and friends are a number one choice for group dress ups. Your school becomes Hogwarts and the tricks are on your classmates and teachers! Woe betide anyone who isn’t in the Harry Potter team! If there are a few of you, you might want to toss a coin to see who becomes which character.

Harry Potter himself is obviously a popular choice, as is Hermione Granger – but who says there can be only one? Your friendship circle might want to become Dumbledore, Cedric Diggery Huffpuff, one of the professors, or one of the wizards and witches. The list goes on… you can’t go wrong when you kiss goodbye to your school years Hogwarts style!

  1. The Incredibles

For an incredible send-off celebration at the end of year 12, you could do a lot worse than The Incredibles. Who wouldn’t want to wield their superpowers for at least a day? You might not be able to save the world, but you can certainly save your street cred by rocking up on muck up day dressed as a team of crime-fighting superheroes.

Boys can’t go wrong with Captain America or Thor’s evil brother Loki; girls are going to love being Harley Quinn for a day, or perhaps the devilish Deadly Ivy with her long red locks?

  1. Winnie the Pooh

Winnie the Pooh remains a firm favourite in the hearts of both adults and school kids, given how many decades he’s been going strong! Winnie the Pooh and his friends embark on plenty of adventures, so they’re a fitting bunch for muck up day celebrations; after all, life is an adventure, and leaving school is just one more milestone!

You’ll look cute as Winnie the Pooh, and your friends can dress up as Piglet, Tigger, Eeyore, Canga, Christopher Robin or any of the other kooky characters. It’s time to perfect those animal noises – if you can’t do those on muck up day, when can you?

  1. GhostbustersYear 12 costumes

It might be time for you to move to another dimension (the one beyond the school gates), but before you do, why not gather your friends and dress up as the Ghostbusters crew for muck up day? Waging a high-tech battle against the supernatural is the perfect way to go out with a bang.

You can have as many ghostbusters in your team as you see fit… and there may well be a few ghosts and ghouls who want to join your crew. The typical outfit might be overalls, but don’t forget – girls can be ghostbusters too!

  1. Crayola crayons

Year 12 costumesThis one is a simple idea, but still a fun one. Why not do things a little differently and dress up as something other than a human being or superhero? It can be a lot of fun to embody an inanimate object, especially when you’re doing it with your friends.

Each one of your friends can dress up as one coloured crayon, so you all come together to make the full set – a rainbow! The last days of year 12 should certainly feel colourful!


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