Muck up day costume
As the end of year 12 looms close, pastures new lay ahead… and they’re full of promise. Exciting times, right? Although it’s never easy to say goodbye to your school days and all the friends you’ve got used to seeing each day, adulthood beckons and it’s enticing to say the least. You won’t want to turn your back on your school years without at least one big celebration though… and that’s exactly why you should let loose with Muck Up Day costumes!

Muck Up Day is your chance to have one final blow out to mark the end of this phase of your life, so you’re going to want to do it in style. Before you march of into adulthood to see what the world has got in store for you, now’s your chance to get silly and have heaps of fun with your year 12 mates. As Muck Up Day traditionally dictates, that means dressing up as your favourite characters and letting rip however you see fit – within reason, mind!

Our top 7 Muck Up Day costume ideas

Whether you and your crew turn up for Muck Up Day in group costumes or you go it alone with your favourite character, it’s all good. Here’s a little inspiration for you… Our Muck UPowerpuff Girls Group Costume, Powerpuff girls costume, power puff girls, bubbles powerpuff, blossom powerpuff, buttercup powerpuff girlsp Day costume ideas are just the thing to help you ring that final year 12 bell in style:

  1. Power Puff Girls

Professor Utonium really hit the jackpot when he accidentally created the Power Puff Girls. Year 12 girls can’t go wrong as the wide-eyed Blossom, Bubbles and the toughest nut, Buttercup. Cute and innocent as they seem, no one better mess with these little ladies… and we don’t doubt that’s the attitude you and your girls will be taking out into the world with you. So grab your girls, throw on your outfits and show the world what you’re made of.

  1. Mario Kart

Hot costume for HalloweenSuper popular Mario Kart is more popular than ever now that the new game is out. What better time is there to pick your favourite Mario Kart character and rock up for Muck up Day! Just as you would in the game, you’re aiming for the next level in life, so Mario Kart is a fitting choice. Plus, some of the outfits are hilarious, so fun factor is bound to be high.

Do you want to be Super Mario, his bro Luigi, Wario, Waluigi or Yoshi? The choice is yours. Girls might prefer to be Princess Peach or one of the pretty Medieval Maidens for the day… either way, grab your costume and Go, Go, Mario Kart!

  1. Disney Characters

Disney has birthed an incredible number of loveable and loathsome characters over the years in their endlessly entertaining movies. This is what makes Disney one of the top choices for your Muck Up Day mischief… there are so many Disney princesses, like Cinderella, Princess Merida, Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Elsa from Frozen, to name a few.

Some great costumes for the boys might be Donald Duck, the suave Gaston from Beauty and the Beast, or King Triton. Let’s turn your year 12 blow out into a fairy tale to remember!

Muck up day costumes

  1. Kath and Kim

Suburban mother and daughter duo Kath & Kim make excellent Muck Up Day characters, after having a Netflix revival recently. Grab on of your besties and the two of you can try out their iconic one-liners on your classmates while you prance around in their famous foxy outfits. If you really want to put on a star performance to mark the end of your school years, you could develop a dance routine on to with the Kath & Kim theme song, The Joker.

  1. Live action movie characters: Toy Story/Aladdin

Toy Story is a winner and the characters make for plenty of costume fun. Boys, why not bounce into your final day as Buzz Lightyear, Woody, or Raggedy Andy? Girls, now is your chance to get into character as cute cowgirl Jessie, or the colourful doll Raggedy Anne with all her spots and stripes?

Aladdin offers up a few fun characters for some Muck Up Day magic too. How about the evil sorcerer Jafar, Aladdin himself, or a funky Arabian nights dancer… now’s your chance to show off your moves! You and your schoolmates can even turn up as a group consisting of Princess Jasmine, Prince Aladdin and the Blue Genie… before flying off into the sunset on your magic carpets.

  1. The Avengers

Since you may never see some of those pesky teachers again, it’s time to avenge all that painful study they put you through… by having as much fun as possible! From Captain America and Thor to Dr. Strange and the Incredible Hulk, boys can bring out their inner superhero in time to take the world by storm for the foreseeable future.

While they do that, you young ladies can do your avenging in Black Widow’s style, or perhaps you’ll take your inspiration from the powerful Scarlett Witch, Pepper Potts, Nebula or Mantis?

  1. The Teletubbies

Muck up day costumesYou’ve worked hard to be coherent and studious throughout your school years, so bring in a bit of contrast this Muck Up Day with a hefty dose of wobble and waffle! The hysterical little creatures that are Tinky-Winky, Dipsy, Laa Laa and Po don’t mind being as daft as possible, so why should you?

Gather your giddiest friends and don your Teletubby outfits. Nobody will have a clue what you’re saying, so embracing your inner alien is fantastic opportunity to turn the tables on your teachers!
Here at Creative Costumes we want to help you make the most of your Muck Up Day mayhem, so we’re giving you a 30% discount if you’re a year 12 student. Wishing you all the fun you can muster and a fabulous future beyond those school gates!