What’s Your Dream Theme This Halloween?
day of the dead theme

Halloween doesn’t have to be the same every year. There is probably a different Halloween party theme possibility for every year you’ll be alive! Unless of course you’re a vampire, in which case you may need to come up with a few more.  Here’s our ideas..
One of the best things about Halloween is that it’s for absolutely everyone. Humans of all ages take full advantage of the opportunity to become a different kind of being for a night; the definite thrill attained by causing a fright is a globally popular pursuit!
Organising a Halloween party is all part of this annual fun. It’s all about creating the best atmosphere for family and friends to let their hair down and show off their spooky attire. Not sure which theme to go for this October? Well, this little list should set you up for the next decade or more:
Zombie Apocalypsezombie costume
Why not zombify your neighbourhood with a zombie apocalypse party? Grab a few cheap white sheets and engage nearby kids in a red-paint-throwing session: plenty of fun, and ideal party decoration for your house. You can do the same thing with bandages, draping them strategically around the house. Don’t forget to have a few paint-stained, heavy-duty ‘weapons’ lying around: garden hoes, hammers etc. ‘Keep Out!’ signs and tape in designated safe zones all adds to the effect. Creepy!
Harry Potter Halloween
Charm the spell out of your friends and family with a Harry Potter Halloween party. You could do invitations Hogwarts style, assigning a Hogwarts character to each guest so you’ve got the full set on the night. Litter your living space with magic wands and creepy

spells, and carve up some Potterish Pumpkins with a set of Harryesque specs; prizes on the night for the best costume will ensure authentic participation.


Vampire HalloweenTransylvania Transformation
Year on year, vampires remain as popular as they are creepy. So why not give tradition a nod by transforming your homely haven into a Transylvanian horror house? Your gothic mansion could consist of cobwebbed portraits of stuffy, beady-eyed ‘ancestors’, velvet and net curtains, candles, and scattered skulls… an abundance of fake blood will all add to the vampiric vibe, as will red wine and berry-laden cakes. Vampire guests can mix up their styles from saucy and sexy to spine-chilling ‘Salem’s Lot’!
Voodoo Masquerade
Masquerades are so much fun, and concealing ones identity paves the way for ghoulish Halloween pranks! A voodoo masquerade can be as glam and elegant as it is spooky; what a perfect party combination. Have a few voodoo dolls lying around, and even send out masks as invitations. To look the part, guests can’t go wrong with sequins, feathers, gowns and gruesome-glitz; African music, tribal face paint and masks also make for a great voodoo vibe.
Voodoo party themeCrazy asylum Halloween themeHalloween graveyard theme

Crazy Asylum
Don’t we just love to play crazy once in a while? Turn your place into an asylum this Halloween with a range of crazed characters – your friends will jump at the chance to personify Hannibal Lecter, Frankenstein or the Joker. Handcuffs, straight jackets and restraints will be the order of the day; as will creepy medical images, pill bottles, gags, Doctors’ coats and instruments. You’ll get to see which of your friends are closet mad scientists or suicide squad members. But remember: what madness has been seen cannot be unseen!
The Graveyard Reborn
Dig up your old idols, so to speak, by impersonating them on Halloween. The rules are simply this: come as any famous person who is dead. Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Elvis… whoever you’d like to resurrect; the trick is to make sure they’re looking… well, past their best!
Creepy Carnivalcreepy carnival halloween
Unless you’re an acroyoga expert you may not have a way for your guests to hang from the ceiling; but don’t let that stop you and your crew from turning yourselves into twisted sideshow characters in bright, colourful outfits. Clowns are famous for being one of the scariest symbols out there; if you’ve seen Steven King’s IT, you’ll know. With clowns go balloons, and a marquee could fit well with the theme.
Frightening flicks
Take yourselves back to those times where you burrowed into the sofa, quivering in fear. Horror movie inspired characters make for a great Halloween theme, and there are many to choose from: Rocky horror, Scream, Chucky, Nightmare on Elm Street… Halloween?! That ‘Jason’ mask never fails – and don’t forget your baseball bat!
Day of the Dead
Do it Mexican style with a Day of the Dead (El Dia de los Muertos) fiesta. Skulls, skulls and more skulls are the main component of this theme, with artfully decorated ones and those that you can munch on; they’re made of sugar! The arty theme can be applied to face paints and masks and prizes could go to the most beautifully scary.
day of dead decorationsHorro movie halloweenBloody Banquet
Beheading is a very old fashioned way to settle scores with your enemies, but if you’re going medieval this Halloween, you’ve got the perfect excuse! Stock up on swords and axes, and as much silverware as you can get your hands on. Lay on a feast and dress up as the Kings and Queens you always wanted to be. Wield your mighty (plastic) swords with reckless abandon – if you can’t do it on Halloween, when can you?
Tim Burton’s Nightmare
Take a leaf out of Tim Burton’s book with a comedy-horror theme. Throwing on a Beetlejuice outfit should be on everybody’s bucket list. Dare you shout his name three times? Edward Scissorhands’ attire would also make for an outfit to remember, but be careful with those gloves! The Corpse bride is another really fun one, and Tim Burton has a whole list of films and characters to choose from if you’re going to have a houseful.
Brothers Grimm Scary Tales
Sinister ‘scary tales’ were the specialty of Brothers Grimm and adapting their stories would make for a fitting Halloween party. Halloween Hansel & Gretel… what a great excuse to fill your house with cake! With a host of characters to choose from, you can morph into one of Cinderella’s ugly sisters, a scary Snow White, or a hair-raising Rapunzel.
Whichever may be your dream theme this Halloween, be careful with those axes and swords, and your friends’ blood pressure! Happy Haunting!

Bloody themed halloweenBrothers grimm Halloweentim burton halloween