make your own heroOne thing is for sure… superheroes never get old, in any sense of the word! From the old-but-gold days of Superman to the modern days of Marvel and the Avengers, superheroes continue to spring up in droves, and their powers just keep on improving!

It’s little wonder then that kids are so fascinated by these larger-than-life, colourful characters. They love to emulate them, immersing into a world of fantasy and imagination. Since imagination is the most powerful creative force in existence, getting kids to embrace and use it via fun activities can only help them grow into formidable adults.

If you’re looking for a fun way to entertain kids at a party, or something for yours to do on a rainy day… we’ve got a great idea for you: get them to create their own superhero!

Here are our best tips on building a superhero from scratch:

create your own superhero1. Wear just a couple of different colours

Superheroes stand out from the crowd, and just to be sure, they wear highly recognisable clothes. Most superheroes opt for just one, two or three colours, just like a brand. Think Captain America, in blue, red and a little bit of white. Spiderman also loves simple red and blue; Deadpool loves red and black, and then there is Buzz Lightyear in white and green, with a hint of purple.  Get your kids to decide on their favourite two or three colours, and make your own super hero from that. Great outfit options are bodysuits or morph suits, T-shirts with leggings, or pajamas.

  1.     Hide your identity

create your own super heroAnyone who has ever fixated on a superhero knows that although they want to be recognised as a superhero, they don’t want their true identity on show! Clark Kent never really wanted to be known as Superman, and Peter Parker did his best to hide his spidery alter ego!

So what is the best way to hide the ordinary persona behind the extraordinary behaviour? Well, a mask, probably. Masks are really simple and fun to make, and kids love wearing them. It’s a no-brainer! Here are the bits and pieces you’ll need:

  • Flexible cardboard and/or felt (paper plates work well)
  • Elastic to attach the mask to the head
  • Scissors and glue
  • Felt pens, wrapping paper, glitter, sequins, feathers or any other decorative items
  • Perhaps a mask template to cut around


  1. Wear a cape

create your own super heroWhat self-respecting superhero goes about his or her business without a cape? Not many. A cape not only adds instant drama, but it helps the superhero to stand out from his peers. Capes can be made out of sheets, curtains or any other large pieces of material.

You can decorate a cape by sewing on some kind of emblem (see next step) or other decorative features. Not sure how to make a cape? This article contains some useful details and cape-making tips.


  1. Create your own logocreate your own super hero

Again, a superhero must be distinguishable from other superheroes through his or her very own brand! A brand requires a logo, and one of the more fun parts about designing a superhero is creating a logo. Logos can be made out of felt and glue (the easy option), or drawn up on paper or card. Any parent adept at CGI can help their kids to design one on the computer and print it off.

Just as superhero colour themes tend to work best when simple, logos are best kept simple too. Recognisability and memorability are key! Think Batman with his curved black bat inside a yellow oval. Keep the logo aligned with the colour theme to avoid clashing, and to get ideas flowing, have your think about an animal or power shape that best represents their superhero. Once the logo is ready, stick it to the cape, somewhere on the chest, the sleeves, or perhaps all of them!

  1. Accessorise

Accessorising is another fun part of being a superheo. Most superheros have a few added extras in their outfits – and let’s face it, they wouldn’t look half as cool as if they didn’t. Some of them need tools or weapons as part of their role, and some need to be incognito…

Here are some ideas for accessories that can be grabbed from the wardrobe, mcreate your own super heroade at home or bought:

  • Bullet deflecting wristbands
  • Swords
  • Shields
  • Hats or headbands
  • Glasses
  • Gloves
  • Bow tie or pendant
  • Boots
  • Belts
  • Earrings


  1. Show off your superpowers

Here’s where the imagination really comes into play. Most superheroes have their trademark superpowers, behaviours, quirks and one-liners. It’s all very well looking the part, but a superhero wouldn’t be a superhero without a unique set of traits. Can he or she blast holes in buildings through pure intention? Do their eyes have irresistible magnetism? Are they invisible at will?

Get your kids to have a think about what they want their superhero to actually achieve out there in the world. Is there a problem they would apply a superhuman skill to if they could? What kind of personality will their superheroes have? Cheeky, funny, serious or scary?

Once they have decided on the personality and skill sets, it’s time for them to showcase the whole package: get in character, strike a pose and show the world what they’re made of!