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With the 64th edition of the world famous Eurovision Song Contest around the corner on 18th May in Tel Aviv (Israel), there are millions of people rubbing their hands together in anticipation. The contest still has such a massive cult following, which may be surprising given the amount of competition in terms of modern singing shows. Yet if you think Eurovision is old hat, you would be wrong.

Here in Australia we just can’t get enough of it… but why do we love it so much? Let us enlighten you:

The Eurovision Song Contest is as glitzy as ever, and it appeals to people from all walks of life. It has been going since 1956 (when there were only seven countries involved), and over that period it has gathered a huge international fan base. These days the contest allows countries outside of Europe to enter participants and Australia is one of them. With more than 200 million viewers and 41 countries participating, Eurovision isn’t leaving our screens in a hurry.

1: We love to see stars being born

Ok, so it doesn’t happen often… but there is something appealing about watching talent rise to fame from the depths of anonymity. Canadian singer Celine Dion won for Switzerland back in 1988, and she is as famous as ever today. Remember Britain’s Bucks Fizz? They were a mega hit after Eurovision, and moved on to have successful careers in Europe.eurovision cult hit

Obviously there is a lot of competition out there these days, but we love to be some of the first to view brand new talent before they become public property, so to speak!

  1. We love the diversity and the connectivity

This competition has it all in terms of diversity. There are contestants from countries we might not usually give a second thought to; like Belgium, Bulgaria, Latvia, Poland, Georgia, Ukraine, Serbia, Israel, Lithuania…. the list goes on. As we don’t generally get much exposure to these countries, it’s fascinating to see the people originating from them doing their thing in ways we’ve never imagined before.

On top of this, there is a sense of connectedness. The world is getting together to show off its most talented people and we are all in major appreciation of that! It reminds us of our humanity, somehow.

  1. We love a party – especially a Eurovision viewing party!

eurovision cult hitIf there is one thing Eurovision is known for, it is glam, glitz and wackiness. It is also a celebration and all of these things are contagious. Who doesn’t love to see the big hair, lurex onesies, sparkling sequins and outrageous make up, while listening to fun bubblegum Eurodance anthems and the like? We are pretty sure that the bonkers chicken song had some widespread appeal too!

It is no big surprise that Eurovision viewing parties have taken off in a big way. As they are hosted in Europe they can happen at all hours in other parts of the world, which is a perfect opportunity to stay up late and party – or start early! The contestants inspire us with their glamorous (and often bizarre) costumes and we want a piece of it.

So naturally we get our friends together, dress up as disco dudes, showgirls, chickens, and all kinds of weird and wonderful characters; we crack open the beers, wave some flags and test our karaoke skills while watching the show together. Austrian drag queen Conchita Wurst (pictured in our header photo) won in 2014, and we’ve been sporting that killer beard at Eurovision parties ever since!

  1. We love the cringe factor

Let’s face it, Eurovision is well known for its cheesy and cringe-worthy moments… and that is all part of he fun! The voting presentations are funny enough just because of the cultural differences in the presenters from various countries. Sometime they’ll make jokes we simply don’t get, and the tumbleweed is hilarious!eurovision cult hit

The show hasn’t always got things nailed, and from time to time there have been details like awkward delays on the line. That’s funny because it’s not professional and polished – it’s real life! On top of this, some of the bizarre things the contestants get up to have us rolling. The show is quite simply hysterical at times – if you want some reminders, check out these ludicrous Eurovision moments!

  1. Australia has representatives, despite not being in Europe!

It’s probably safe to say that we wouldn’t be quite as mad about Eurovision if we weren’t getting to participate, but fortunately we are. We have been part of the contest every year since 2015 in Vienna (when we were given a ‘wild card’ entry), although we’ve been watching and voting for over 30 years anyway!

When our contestant, Aussie X-factor winner Dami Im, came second in 2016 in Sweden we couldn’t get enough. Dami performed an epic rendition of the Sound of Silence and although she didn’t win, she sure showcased Australia’s talent! 27-year-old Dami made it to the finals and there were plenty of Aussie fans present in the arena at her glittering show.

If you’re already a fan, we may not need to tell you that Dami is not the only Australian representative to have participated in Eurovision. We also had Guy Sebastian in the top ten back in 2015, followed by Isaiah Firebrace in ninth place back in 2017. In case you’re wondering, here are the Australian representatives for the 2019 Eurovision contest.

The Creative Costumes teams hopes you enjoy the show, and if you need any help dressing up for your Eurovision viewing party, you know where to come!

Eurovision cult hit