Why Is Frozen a Costume Phenomenon.

I still remember when I first heard of Frozen, when it was still a project in Disney development. At the time, I couldn’t imagine anything being more popular than Tangled, or having a more addictive playlist. Then Frozen came into my life and things would never be the same.

Olaf Frozen Snowman costumeI would never again see a snowman without thinking of the very lovable Olaf’s ‘I don’t have a skull…or bones.’ I would never again see a rock garden of large round rocks without thinking of Kristoff’s friends, ‘the Love Experts.’ I would never again laugh about a particularly cutting romantic rejection reposted on twitter or Buzzfeed without thinking of Hans revealing his duplicitous nature in Elsa’s hour of need.


But even more than the impact that Frozen has had on my own perception of various things is the major cultural revolution it has caused. Not only were there thousands of adorable little Elsas and Annas running around the streets of the world on Halloween, but the phenomenon of little girls wanting to become these sister princesses has outlasted the usual Halloween revelry!

So what is it that makes Frozen costumes so popular? Here are our best guesses!Frozen princess costume


1)    The dresses are a heck of a lot more practical than the earlier princess’ clothes.


Can you imagine going grocery shopping in Cinderella’s puffy skirted gown? I don’t think so. Elsa and Anna, on the other hand, both wear practical, comparatively sleek dresses that can easily go from the big screen to the everyday scenario.


2)    The costumes are more modern.


The dresses of the earliest Disney princesses are long outdated by now, but Anna and Elsa’s dresses are still pretty and fashionable for the modern day. Anna’s snow queen gown could easily be the red carpet gown of Gwenyth Paltrow or the like!Anna Frozen Costume


3)    The movie message is empowering.


Unlike other movies, where the princesses either have to wait for a (likely half-witted) prince to come galloping along and decide that necrophilia is in, or have to depend on good fortune and chance for the rescue, Elsa rescues herself! If that’s not a positive, empowering message to little girls everywhere, I don’t know what is! Well played, Disney well-played.


With multiple reasons why girls and their parents alike are fans of the film, it is no wonder that when it comes to Frozen, we just can’t ‘Let it Go.’