Stick On Bindi – Long Style



Stick On Bindi – Long Style

Elevate your style with our exquisite collection of 2cm long stick-on bindis! Each pack offers a delightful assortment of self-adhesive bindis, perfect for adding a touch of allure and mystique to your look. Whether you’re embracing traditional Indian fashion or seeking to make a captivating statement, these bindis are your go-to accessory.

Choose from a variety of captivating colors, intricate designs, and mesmerizing patterns that will leave everyone spellbound. With their petite size, these bindis are versatile and can be applied to any part of your face or body. Let your creativity run wild as you explore different placements and combinations while expressing your unique flair.

Applying these stick-on bindis is a breeze. Firstly, peel off the adhesive backing and carefully press the bindi onto your desired spot. The self-adhesive technology ensures a secure hold, allowing you to confidently dance, socialize, and enchant those around you. Lastly, When you’re ready to remove them, gently peel off the bindis without any hassle. Will hold till you’re ready to take off however applying them over makeup may make them less sticky.

These stick-on bindis are not limited to special occasions alone. Embrace your inner diva by incorporating them into your everyday style. Enhance your casual outfits, make a fashion statement at festivals, or add a touch of elegance to your evening ensemble. Thus making the possibilities are endless, and the impact is bound to be undoubtedly stunning.

So, delve into the enchanting world of stick-on bindis and let your personal style shine. These 2cm long beauties are your ticket to exuding confidence, allure, and individuality. Adorn your visage with these mesmerizing accents and watch as heads turn in awe and admiration. So, Embrace the magic and embrace yourself. Your spotlight awaits, adorned with the allure of our sensational stick-on bindis.


What’s Included:
  • One pack of long stick-on bindis

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