Pru and Trude costume


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From the tv series Kath and Kim your favorite characters Pru and True.  The comedy classic gals who sell the best stuff from Happy Homewear.  These snobby, wealthy shop assistants are a satirical parody of typical upper-class Australian women who work at homeware stores at Fountain Gate. They speak in a highly exaggerated upper-class Australian accent sometimes mispronouncing words completely (one of their favourites being the word ‘great’ which they pronounce as ‘graysh’).  Big laughs all round.

Pru costume includes: Jane Turner

  • grey wig chin length
  • aprons. 
  • pearls

Trude costume includes: Gina Riley

  • grey wig longer length
  • aprons. 
  • pearls


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Pru, Trude