Prisoner Jailbird Costume – Adult


Stage a daring escape in style with our Orange Prison Jailbird Costume. Boldly printed for maximum impact. Perfect for any costume event. Order now!

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Includes: Jumpsuit
Size: Standard

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Prisoner Jailbird Costume for Adults

Get ready to break free from the mundane with our Orange Prison Jailbird Costume! Designed for the daring and the mischievous, this ensemble screams ‘I’m here to cause chaos, and I look fabulous doing it!’

Picture yourself slipping into this eye-catching jumpsuit, the color of traffic cones and caution signs combined. With a zip-up front for easy access (because who has time to fumble with buttons when planning a daring escape?), you’ll be ready to make your grand entrance at any costume event.

But it’s not just about the bold color; it’s the statement emblazoned across the chest: ‘Jailbird.’ Yes, that’s right—announce your rebellious streak to the world with pride! It’s like a tattoo, but temporary and way more fun.

And hey, if you’re feeling creative, the blank back offers a canvas for personalization. Want to add some flair? Go ahead, make it your own. After all, individuality is key when you’re plotting a costume caper!

Whether you’re teaming up with fellow inmates for a group escape or flying solo, this jumpsuit ensures you’ll be the center of attention. The bright orange hue guarantees you won’t be mistaken for just another wallflower. No, sir—when you enter the room, all eyes will be on you, ready to witness your epic breakout performance.

So, whether you’re gearing up for a themed party or planning to unleash havoc on Halloween night, our Orange Prison Jailbird Costume is your ticket to an unforgettable adventure. Order now and prepare to unleash your inner outlaw in style—because life’s too short to blend in with the crowd!


What’s Included:
  • Jumpsuit

Purchase handcuffs here.

  • STD: Up to Chest 44 inches, Waist 32-38 inches to fit mens size large

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