Ninja Knives Set – Sai Swords


Transform into a true ninja with our Plastic Ninja Knives Set! These ninja knives are inspired by traditional sai, short and triple-pronged weapon.

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Includes, Pair of Knives

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Ninja Knives Set – Sai Swords

Let your inner ninja shine with our Plastic Ninja Knives Set These versatile accessories not only complete your ninja costume but also add authenticity to various outfits. Dive into the ninja world and discover how these knives enhance your look and elevate your costume game.

The sai, the inspiration for our plastic Ninja Knives, boasts a unique design. Originally farming tools used for weeding and harvesting, they evolved into formidable weapons for peasants and ninja. These triple-pronged, sharp-pointed stabbing weapons were ingeniously adapted for self-defense against Samurai warriors. With our plastic Ninja Knives, you pay homage to this rich history while embodying a true ninja’s essence.

Each set includes two plastic Ninja Knives, measuring approximately 42cm in length. Lightweight and safe, they’re ideal for costume parties, Halloween, cosplay, or enhancing your ninja style anytime. Whether you’re a stealthy ninja, an electrifying character like Electra, or a crime-fighting Ninja Turtle, these knives add authenticity to your ensemble.

So, don’t settle for an ordinary costume; elevate it with our Plastic Ninja Knives. Grab your pair today and become the center of attention at your next event. Embrace your inner ninja and let these knives speak volumes about your commitment to the perfect look. Make a bold statement and level up your costume game with these fantastic accessories!


What’s Included:
  • A Pair of Knives

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