Cinderella Adult Costume

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  • Medium Bust 35-38inches,  Waist 28-31 inches.

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As much as we’d like to think of Cinderella as the lovely blonde lass in the brilliant and magically made blue ball gown, she sadly only had a very brief time in such godmother granted garb. In truth, she spends almost all her time in more common regalia: servants clothing, really little more than common rags that no one would worry about getting especially soiled. It is hardly exciting to imagine a heroine in such simple clothes… but it is better to remember that the gal is mostly just a kind-hearted, everywoman, the very sort of gal that we see every single day.

Of course, it is that common appearance that largely earned her the bounty from her faerie godmother. Had she been as prim and pompous as her stepfamily, she’d no doubt be just as excised from the royal court as he rest of them ultimately became. As has always been the case, it is important to remember where a person came from and do one’s utmost to remain humble and hardworking.

  • Medium Bust 35-38inches,  Waist 28-31 inches.

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