The Best Ways to Celebrate Easter in Magical Melbourne

Posted on March 21, 2018 by dale


Easter Egg BasketWhat are you going to do this Easter? If you’re in Melbourne, here are the best ways to celebrate Easter. For one thing, Easter egg hunts are just thrilling for kids. Adults can also get a kick out of them, watching and joining in the excitement. An Easter egg hunt is lots of fun to plan… a great little weekend project, for sure.  

There are traditional ways to create your Easter fun, like dyeing eggs, giving away Easter baskets, making little chocolate nests, and traditional Easter egg hunts. They’re great, but why not organise an egg hunt with a difference? If you’ve been doing them year on year in the same way, surprise the kids with something a little different this Easter.

We’ve got a few uncommon egg hunt ideas for you, and we’ll also let you know the best ways to celebrate Easter in Melbourne this year:

  1. The puzzle egg hunt

Little kids will love this one. Make the Easter egg hunt a learning experience by painting a letter on each egg (or putting one inside it). The letters together will spell out a word or message. The kids can amass the eggs and get together to decode the message before they start devouring the prizes.

Have two extra-special eggs ready: one kid wins by collecting the most eggs, and the other winner is the one who decodes the message first.

  1. The challenge egg hunt

Easter Puzzle huntFor this egg hunt, you can up the ante by setting little tasks for the kids. It’s a little more challenging than just finding one egg and moving onto the next. They’ll need to find sets of eggs, for example.

You can colour-code the eggs or paint little symbols on them, then the kids have to match the symbols to make the set. If they get the set, they win it. If at the end none of them have complete sets and the eggs are all mixed up, allow them to trade with each other in a kind of Easter egg market place.

  1. The reverse egg hunt

By reverse, we mean that you’ll switch roles with the kids. Let the kids be in charge of organising the hunt – well, the easy parts at least. They can get together to hide the eggs and let the parents do the hunting.

Let them set a time limit so you’re against the clock. They can even take bets on which adults will win, allowing them to win delicious egg prizes even though you’re doing the legwork! We guarantee they’ll find this a whole lot of fun.

  1. The sporty egg hunt

Groups of kids together can get pretty excited, as you probably know. As that energy is enhanced further by heaps of sugar in the chocolate… how are you going to tire them out? A sporty egg hunt is just the thing.

Attach an activity to each egg. Arrange a row of baskets at the front of the garden, and some space for the activities to happen. With each egg set a little task, like 5 cartwheels, 20 star jumps, etc. When the kids find an egg, they must run to their basket, put it in, and then perform the activity. Only then does the egg belong to them!

  1. The fancy dress egg hunt

Kids love a chance to dress up. Why not stage a fancy dress egg hunt? You can go with a traditional Easter egg hunt, or any of the above ideas. The only difference is that the kids can do it dressed as Easter eggs, Easter bunnies, or Easter chicks!

Have a selection of Easter accessories handy too, such as Easter rabbit ears, Easter rabbit hats, or entire bunny sets (ears, nose, tail and bow tie)…. so cute! Face paints are a great idea too.Easter Rabbit Costume

Where to celebrate Easter in Melbourne this year

There is plenty to do in Melbourne if you’re looking to do something fun with the kids… or just with your friends!

Meet the Easter Bunny

If you get down to Springhill shopping centre (Cranbourne Road) on Saturday 31st of March from 11am – 2pm, the kids will be able to meet the Easter bunny himself. Kids love to meet any kind of fairytale character, and what kid wouldn’t want to cuddle a giant bunny while quaffing copious amounts of delicious chocolate?

Easter Bunny watercolour class 

If this appeals to you, on 23rd March you’ll need to be at The Hub Cafe, 35-37 Fitzroy Street, St. Kilda by 6.45pm. This is for the adults, so go along with your friends, or alone… you’re bound to bond with your fellow painters anyway.

There will be a professional artist present to guide the painting, step by step. You don’t need to bring anything except your creative flair and your purse; there are plenty of opportunities for a drink and something to eat.Easter Rabbit water color

Easter Chocolate Market

A market full of chocolate? Don’t mind if we do… On Sunday 25th of March from 11am until 5pm, Australia’s best chocolate makers get together at The Craft & Co, Collingwood.

Here you’ll be able to sup on the finest deluxe hot chocolates, chocolate martinis, and other amazing drinks. Expect a whole array of unbelievable chocolates from some of the world’s most talented chocolatiers. It’s a family affair, and it’s free entry. What’s not to like?

Easter Scramble at the Big Goose

The word scramble says it all! This event is a success every year; you and the kids will have heaps of fun. From 10am and 4pm between 30th March and 2nd April at the Big Goose in Moorooduc, there is a huge range of fun activities to get involved in.

Think face painting, adventure playgrounds, animal shows, mini golf, animal feeding, egg and spoon races… and much more. There will of course be an Easter egg hunt and a chance to meet the Easter bunny, plus plenty of delicious prizes! Enjoy.

Wishing you an absolutely awesome Easter, from all at Creative Costumes Melbourne.

Easter dogs with bunny ears

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