Year 12 Muck Up Day without the fallout!

6 Fun Ideas for Your Muck-Up Day Mischief

For some, the obligation that is school can seem like a bit of a drag at times, but then before you know it… it’s the last leg of year 12, and everything is coming to an end.

Suddenly it didn’t seem quite that bad after all. In fact, maybe there’s even cause to celebrate? Whether you’re celebrating forthcoming freedom from your school years or you’re celebrating all the fun you had while you were there, what does it matter? There’s cause for celebration – and that means there’s fun to be had.muckup day costumes

Historically, muck-up day was full of practical jokes and pranks, some of which got the pranksters into a fair bit of trouble! These days, selling your school on Ebay or bringing farm yard animals in for the day is probably not going to go down well.

The good news is that there are plenty of ways to have fun without repercussions of any kind. Here are some ideas as to how you can celebrate in style with a muck-up day that is more ‘mischief’ and less ‘mayhem’!

1. Dress up for an assembly

Most people don’t miss a chance to dress up in costume and let their hair down. It’s a fantastic way to let off some steam and have some pre-exam fun.

Why not give yourselves – and your teachers – a laugh by dressing up for an assembly? You could even arrange to give out prizes for the best or most eccentric costumes.

Muckup day costumesFor example, what better place is there for a Moulin Rouge showgirl than the stage? Does it matter if it’s your school assembly stage? Absolutely not, on muck-up day. Turning up to school as a 70s Pimp might have your teachers thinking they’ve failed in their educational efforts, but you can set the record straight on exam day.

Class eccentrics might love a Witch Doctor costume, whereas the class clown might delight in some muck-up day madness, leaping around the hall chimp style (don’t forget your shin pads!).

2. Make a school memorabilia treasure hunt

Everybody loves a treasure hunt, so why not set one up with school memorabilia as the gold in the trunk?

You could get classmates together and make or donate a few items; perhaps a school memory photo album, or an item signed by all your teachers? If you’re brave, you might push your luck to see if you can get your school to give up something valuable!muckup day costumes

Pinterest has some cool memorabilia ideas to spark your imagination about what would make good treasure.

3. Start a water fight on the Oval

Water fighting is such a great way to have fun. Tempting as it may be, it’s best not to submerge anyone – but throwing a few water balloons and hitting your target can be surprisingly satisfying!

The Oval is a good location for power-pumping your water guns; there’s plenty of space so you don’t have to worry about soaking too many strangers, plus you’ll sweat out your pre-exam stress running from your friends’ liquid missiles.

Muck up day water fight4. Play a sports match against your teachers

A level playing field with your teachers can be really exciting. Imagine ‘beating them at their own game’!

Whatever your chosen sport, this will be a match to remember. Your PE teachers will be sweating! After all, what teacher wants to be outsmarted by his or her own students? A total no-no… and one that undoubtedly gives you more reason to want to win!

You’ve got youth and fitness on your side; perhaps a little more so than your maths teacher has. Why not have some medals made up so it’s one to remember?

5. Do a charity fun run

Why not give a little something back from your celebrations? Partaking in a charity fun run can be a good, clean, healthy way to have fun. It is worth considering these points when organising it so that you don’t run into trouble, literally!

Your chosen charity will thank you for it, and you could even spice it up with a heroic costume or two!

6. Hold a school pool Olympics in novelty costumesMuck up day costumes

Combining the sporting tip with the costume tip, this is another way to stoke the fires of competition for some muck-up day mischief. Host a mini-Olympics, fancy dress style, in your school pool!

If you’re going with a nautical theme, sultry mermaids, swashbuckling pirates and burly sailors could battle it out for a medal or prize of some kind.

Those who really want to go out in style (or horrify their teachers) might adorn themselves in an eyebrow-raising Borat Mankini, if they’re brave enough! How about showcasing your stroke in a patriotic morphsuit, or going for gold as a saturated Santa’s helper?  Creative Costumes has loads of ideas and 30% Discount for Year 12 Students on costumes.

Whatever you choose to indulge in for muck-up day, have a fun-filled and memorable end-of-school celebration, and don’t get so involved you forget about your exams!