Why Fairytales Inspire our costumes.

What do blockbusters ‘Into the Woods,’ ‘Mirror, Mirror,’ ‘Frozen,’ ‘Hansel & Gretel,’ and ‘Tangled,’ have in common? They are all fairy tales! Beyond that, they also all inspired trending costumes across the world!

I cannot be the only person who saw ‘Into the Woods’ and built a whole dream wardrobe in my imagination. And it wasn’t just Rapunzel’s dreamy pink confection of a gown that had my mouth watering and my shopping bone itching. Even the wicked Witch’s costume gave me couture fantasies.

Merryl streep witch

Can I get that nipped at the waist and machine-washable, please? Hero or villain, fairy tale characters have the best looks.

But why do we feel this way and why do fairy tales inspire our dress so much? It’s no question that we go crazy for fairy tale costumes – when Frozen came out, stores had trouble even keeping Elsa and Anna costumes in stock in their stores! Every little girl wanted to be one of the sister princesses and there were quite a few little boys running around as Hans or Olaf. Hansome Prince

That’s not where it ends, however. Fairy tales go even further than reaching the little kid audience. Teens and adults love dressing up as their favorite ‘Frozen’ or ‘Into the Woods’ characters, as much as any kid! Unlike other children’s stories, fairy tales maintain appeal across ages. With their uniquely enthralling combination of magic, wonder, and enchantment, fairy tales allow us to recapture our childish imaginations and break away from the sometimes harsh realities of life.

Costumes let us be someone who we aren’t. They let us dream big, aspire to amazing and even fantastical height, and they let us skip ahead to the part where we have achieved those heights. When we don our royal best, we get to make believe that these beautiful realities are our personal realities. And we get to look amazing while we do it!

Let that be all the more reason to don your poofiest petticoat and pointiest princess hat to face the world with a little extra magic in your day!

The key to pulling off a fairy tale look perfectly is to go big. The dress is just the start!

cinderellaSnow white costume

To truly become an awe-inspiring Snow White, you need to add the beautiful stockings, the magnificent jewelry, the fairy tale hair, and the decadent makeup.

Or perhaps Into the woods has inspired you to be your own Cinderella.

Luckily, Creative Costumes has everything you need in one place.

Whether you want to be a princess, a prince, a hero, a villain, or a funny sidekick, indulge your inner child and your creative spirit in a fantastical fairy tale costume!