Ensure your party is glamorous and use red, gold, silver and black as your color scheme.  Roll out the red carpet to your door and hire a friend to come as the paparazzi to take photos as the guests arrive.  Don’t forget to provide some fake security guards and dark sunglasses for those who don’t wish their photos to be taken.  Make invitations to look like a movie ticket to be torn by an usher.  Or send you’re a-list guests inviting them to a grand gala or opening night premier.   Have an autograph book for guests to sign.  Use movie scenes, titles of films and classic quotes to decorate your walls.  Screen some of your favorite Hollywood movies in the background.  Use director’s chairs and place stars on the floor to create a walk of fame.





Food/ Drinks:  Use fun gala style finger food.  Maybe American style hotdogs, chips, popcorn.  Movie titles could be used to dress them up.  American pie, citizen kane candy.  Desserts could be chocolate dipped strawberries, profiteroles and mini tarts.  Drinks martinis and champagne.

Music: Play Hollywood sound tracks, Oscar theme music and theme songs from famous movies.  Superman, Jaws, The Exorcist, Star Wars, Chariots of Fire etc.

Games/ fun: Give prizes for the best dressed and make them give an acceptance speech without crying.  Play cinema charades, and have the guests mime the titles of films or classic quotes from movies. Run a Hollywood stunt competition, making up a series of challenges each person has to complete.





Costume ideas: Dress as your favorite actor or film character.  Marilyn Monroe, Cleopatra, Dolly Parton, 1920’s flapper, Julia Roberts, Paris Hilton, Cher, fashion photographer, Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock, Hugh Heffner and Playboy Bunnies.  More ideas…