Superheros comics and movies are usually eye catching with lots of colour.  Use food coloring and lollies to make your food just as colorful.  Print out superhero posters to hang on the walls.  You can also use wanted posters to capture the villains feel.  Don’t be shy about using handcuffs on any villains who show.  When you send out your invitations print them as comic book covers.  Use speech bubbles as decorations around the room.  Guests can pose next to them during the night.  It should make for some great photos from the evening.  Lines such as Bam! Pow! And Shazam!  

Food/ Drinks: For fun label your food.  For super strength, For Xray vision and For super size. Make some hero sandwiches.  Drinks could be superman sling, Green Goblin cordial and Powerade punch.

Music: Play Super Hero theme music and let guest dance or practice their best Super Hero moves.

Games/ fun: Play games dividing guests into good and evil teams.   Set up a range of fun activities to test guests super abilities.  Blindfold them and get them to guess objects by using another super sense such as touch, feel or smell.  You can make a great looking “bomb” for your event. The villain can hide it and your guests have to dismantle or disarm the bomb by a certain time to save the city.

Costume ideas: Dress in spandex, with cape, gloves and mask and be your own villain or hero.  Other ideas, Jesus, Mother Teresa, Superman, Catwoman, Mary Poppins, The Devil, Hannibal Lecter, Darth Vader, Harry Potter, Batman, Buffy, Hulk, Lara Croft, Matrix, Star Wars and Astronauts.  More ideas…