Boogie on down for a 70’s Disco Party or funky Abba night.  Make your own disco with a mirror ball twirling from the ceiling and a fog machine.  Other 70s-tastic decor could include: Brown, orange and green shades; wood veneer; Beanbags; shag rugs and 70s glassware from op shops. Borrow or get out of the cupboard a lava lamp to really set that funky feel.   For a cheeky touch set up a large glass bowl with sets of plastic keys in them reminiscent of the 70’s ‘key party’s’





Food/ Drinks: Fondue was all the rage both cheese and chocolate.  Skewer any of the following on a toothpick: cabannossi, gherkins, cocktail onions, cheese and pineapple, mini frankfurts.  Jello, French onion dip, hamburger helper, tater tots, quiche, pop tarts, rice a roni, and bundt cake.  Drinks: Koolaid, fruit wines, Hawaiian punch, dacquiri’s, Tom Collins, Zombies and Mai Tai’s.

Music: We are family, The Hustle, My Sharona, Benie and the Jets, Dancing Queen, Stayin alive, That’s the way I like it. Bustop. Artists David Bowie, Elvis, Rolling Stones, Elton John, Diana Ross, Eagles, The Doors, Abba, Bee Gees…..

Games/ Fun: Disco dance-off aka John Travolta style.  Twister and Spin the bottle, Disco dancing competition, Biggest afro/platforms/bellbottoms competition. 70s Trivia, Play limbo!  Don’t forget to put our some pet rocks for guests to take home.

Costume ideas: Dress in Afros, flared trousers, safari suits, mini skirts and sequins for real disco feel.  Dress up as John Travolta, Star Wars, Sesame Street, Twiggy, The Village People, Xanadu, Fame, Roller skates, Charlies Angels, Rocky.  More Ideas…