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Weirdest Costumes – News Melbourne

weird costume themeOver a twenty year career in the business of costumes, we get the same question time and time again. Which costumes are the most popular? We have finally decided to take the time to properly answer the question. The answer is that it’s the wrong question!

Think about it – when you think of interesting hats, it isn’t the sensible cap that comes to mind. It’s the rainbow-striped top hat with the Ostrich feather poking out of the top! When you think of interesting wigs, it isn’t the straight blonde bob that comes to mind. It’s the neon pink Afro with the silver streaks! For good, and just as often for bad, it’s the odd things that stand out. Rather than the expected list of superhero and princess costumes that sell out year after year, here is a list of the thirteen strangest costume themes!

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