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Love or hate his movies.  Quentin Tarantino definitely pulls an emotional response from his audience.  His movies are graphic, full of violence and draw you into the surreal world of his creation.  Tarantino’s gift is to paint larger than life villains that we can’t help barracking for, with their dysfunctional lives and violent rampages.  Over the past half century Tarantino has gifted cinema dozens of classic characters, from Reservoir Dogs through The Hateful Eight – plus, of course, via movies he wrote, like True Romance and Natural Born Killers.  

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The Top Ten Marvel Characters To Dress Up As

top ten marvel costumesSince 1939, Marvel has been responsible for creating some of the world’s best-known superheroes. These superheroes appeal to people of all ages; from kids as young as 2 to grown men and women… after all they’ve been wowing us with their antics since childhood. Some of them are still going strong, and are currently wowing the younger generations with their more modern antics! Here’s our top ten Marvel Characters to dress up as for 2018.

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Top Ten Scariest Halloween Costumes Ever

Horror movies are deliciously terrifying, titillating, and gripping. Once you start watching, you can’t stop no matter how scared you get! And getting really scared is the best part.  Want to send shivers down your fellow partygoers’ spines the next time you go to a dress-up event? Here is a list of the top ten most terrifying horror movie villains of all time!

1.    Freddie Krueger – Nightmare on Elm street

Every kid is scared of the monsters in the dark at some point oFreddie Krugerr another.  Freddie Krueger takes the terror one step further, haunting your sleep with his razor fingers and the threat that death in your dream translates to death in reality. Get ready to make your friends wet the bed!

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