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5 Of the World’s Best Parties for Your Bucket List

Bucket list partiesThe world is chock-full of festivals and parties. You could never run out of options, but as is the same in all areas of life, not all parties are created equal. If you’re the type who appreciates peak experiences, do yourself a favour and make a commitment to attend one of the world’s best parties. After all, when we look back over our lives, it’s always the people and the experiences we hold in our hearts. These are the details that make us feel like we had a great life or otherwise.

One way to make sure you’ve got at least one epic memory to convey to your grandkids is this: get dressed up and join the world’s most dedicated hedonists at an annual event to remember. There are some exceptionally well-organised events happening year on year, so if you like the idea of being part of them, read on.

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What’s Hot in Costumes for Halloween 2019?

Hot costumes Halloween

Halloween seems to come around so quickly sometimes, and before you know it you’ve done all the traditional costumes to death… no pun intended! So then… how can you bring your A-game to your chosen Halloween bash this year? We suggest a little novelty and modern inspiration, and we are here to help you with exactly that with what’s hot costumes Halloween 2019.

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