No costume or fancy dress is complete without the right makeup and accessories. Whether you need the perfect spooky look for a Halloween costume, a finishing touch for a pirate, or even a pair of elf ears for a Christmas costume, you’ll find no shortage of creative accents inside our store.  Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference.

Masquerade Masks

Perfect for your masquerade ball we have a great selection of masquerade masks for men and women for sale.  Hand held, headband or full face you will be off to the ball in no time.  Decorated with an array of feathers, ribbons and sequins, they also make a fabulous decoration for your home when the party is over. Prices range from under $10 up to $60


We have a huge range of great quality wigs for sale in a wide variety of men and women’s styles. From Elvis Presley to Felicity Shagwell and the best 80’s mullets out, change your whole appearance.  Prices range from $12 up to $70

Styles include Afros, bobs, long – Long, Straight & Layered, Elvis, Marilyn, clown, Morticia, witch, old man, wizard, Santa, beards, beehive, rockers, Marg Simpson, queen, curly, Abba, mermaid, Madonna, film and TV characters and many more.


Top off your costume in style with one of our many hats.

Nurse, Police UK & USA, Rasta with Dreads, Sailor, Skipper Cap, Viking, Vinyl Biker, Wizard, Blues Brothers, Bowler, Red Fez, Gangster, Top Hat Pirate Tricorn, Western Cowboy, Witch , Crown, chef, propeller, and birthday just to name a few.


Big or small we have it all from glasses to teeth and fake blood.

GLASSES: Austin Powers, Blues Brothers, Edna Diamante, Elvis, Giant Sunglasses, Groucho with nose, Harry Potter, Monocle, Nerd, Elton John Glitter, Spring-out eyes, Hippy Round Lens…

TEETH: Austin Powers, Metal Braces, Caveman, Nutty Professor, Vampire Fangs…

COSTUME PROPS: Clown Horn, Police Badge, Sheriff Star, Police Baton, Ball & Chain, Caveman Club, Retractable Dagger, Monk’s Cross, Fairy Wings & Halo, Stethoscope, Cigarette Holder, Sherlock Pipe, Lace Fan, Pirate Cutlass, Pirate Pistol, Eye Patch & Earring, Pirate Parrot, Stud Choker & Wristband, Whip, Metal Handcuffs, Satin Gloves, Skeleton gloves, MAKEUP: face paint (global), fake blood, special effects make up, tattoos, fake scars, nose putty fake face and chest hair… EARS: Bunny Headband, Cat Headband, Jumbo Human, Elf, Shrek, Reindeer, Easter Bunny…JEWELLERY: Gold & Silver Dollar Medallion, Gothic Cross, Vampire Medallion, Male Symbol (Austin Powers), Gold Chains, Bling Rings…