Scary Halloween Wine Goblet



Elevate your Halloween festivities to spine-chilling heights with our Plastic Scary Halloween Wine Goblet adorned with spooky spider designs. Available in two hauntingly elegant colors, clear with a striking red spider gem and purple with a matching purple spider gem, these goblets stand 7.25″ tall, making them the perfect accessory for your Halloween soirée.

Creepily Detailed Design: Crafted with precision and an eye for the eerie, these goblets feature intricate spider motifs that are sure to send shivers down your spine. The red and purple spider gems add a bewitching touch of color to your table setting.

Durable Plastic: While these goblets may look like delicate glassware, they’re actually made from sturdy plastic. This means they not only enhance the ambiance of your Halloween gathering but also ensure safety and durability.

Versatile Halloween Decor: Whether you’re sipping your favorite potion or using them as eye-catching centerpieces, these goblets are versatile additions to your Halloween décor. They blend seamlessly into any spooky theme you have in mind.

Choice of Colors: Select between clear and silver for a classic look or go for the dramatic flair of purple and silver to match your personal style or party theme.

Get ready to enchant your guests and raise your Halloween celebrations from ordinary to extraordinary with our Plastic Scary Halloween Wine Goblet. These goblets are perfect for toasting to a night filled with thrills, chills, and wicked delights. Order yours today and make your Halloween soirée a memorable one!

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