Santa Hat Deluxe


Product Code: NL1542





Our Deluxe Santa Hat is fit for Father Christmas himself! Made of luxurious red plush material trimmed in white faux fur with a matching pom-pom on top, this holiday hat makes a great accessory for Christmas parties and events. Don this classic Christmas hat for style with seasonal spirit! 

Traditional rich red plush Santa hat with fur trim in a beautiful soft material just perfect for Christmas Day Santa’s or to look the party at Christmas parties. One size fits most kids and adults.

santa, baby…

Slip a sleighbell under the tree, for us. Please? Pretty please? We need a sleighbell for our collection. You see, no one is taking us seriously when we tell them that we’re the biggest Santa fans. We’ve shown them our huge collection of Santa movies, our stack of Christmas cookie recipes, the giant pile of jolly little ornaments, and of course our pristine Santa costume. We’re on our way to becoming top fans and a sleighbell is absolutely necessary.

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