Roman Mens Greek Toga Caesar Costume


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This regal Roman Caesar toga costume includes a tunic, shoulder drape, belt & headpiece. Available in Medium and Large.

“Cry havok, and let slip the dogs of war!”

Never say Julius Caesar didn’t have a flair for the dramatic (yes yes, we know it was Shakespeare who actually wrote those words but just go with us). Now the Roman empire is in your hands, and your subjects shall render unto Caesar that which belongs to Caesar. Which, in short, means that people should give you your stuff back. Have a friend who borrowed that DVD months ago and you’re still waiting for him to return it? Render unto Caesar. That tupperware dish still languishing in another home after you brought that delicious lasagna for dinner? Render unto Caesar! Don’t just ask for it back, demand it!


One Size fits most

heights 182cm, chest 112cm, waist 104cm, hips 118cm

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