Retractable Disappearing Knife Small




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Retractable Disappearing Knife Small

Get ready to infuse your costume with a thrilling and engaging touch using our Retractable Disappearing Knife Small! This realistic accessory is designed to leave a long lasting impression.

Measuring an impressive 14cm in length, our durable plastic fake knife features a silver blade and a sleek black handle. But here’s the best part: with a simple press down, the blade seamlessly disappears into the handle, creating a captivating disappearing effect that will astonish your audience.

This prop is an absolute must-have for horror-themed costumes. Such as the iconic Ghost Face from the Chilling Scream franchise. Or any other spine-tingling character you can conjure. It adds an authentic and intense touch to your look, elevating your portrayal to a whole new level of fright.

Pair our Retractable Disappearing Knife with any of our spine-chilling Halloween costumes to complete your hair-raising ensemble. Whether you’re attending a costume party, performing in a play, or simply aiming to give your friends a good scare, this prop is a game-changer.

Ready to bring your costume to life? Don’t miss out on our Retractable Disappearing Knife—a thrilling accessory that will leave your audience on the edge of their seats. So, grab this prop and prepare for an unforgettable experience filled with suspense and intrigue.

Make a bold statement with our Retractable Disappearing Fake Knife! Let your costume take center stage. With its mesmerizing disappearing effect and durable design, this prop is sure to become a highlight of your performance or costume party. Don’t wait—order yours now and unleash the thrill!

Check out a video of how it works here

Safety is our utmost priority, so please handle this prop responsibly and use it in appropriate settings. Keep in mind that it’s intended for theatrical purposes only and should be treated with care.

What’s included:
  • One Disappearing Knife Prop.


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