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Posted on February 18, 2013 by dale

Purim is huge in store this week.  Get into the fun and silliness and dress up in costume this weekend.  We have a great range of children’s costumes for your school parade.  All children’s costumes are hired with a 30-60% discount off adult rates.  Popular costume have been Mario brothers, Fairies, Alice in wonderland, Cat in the hat, animal mascots and all Disney costumes.

It’s Oscar season here is Creative Costumes.  Don’t miss your chance to shine on the red carpet in your favorite Movie Star costume. Batman, Marilyn Monroe, Humphrey bogart, Indiana Jones, Lara Croft or the Great Gatsby could all make an appearance for your party.

Our customers have been having a blast at a Russian glamour themed party.  We sent out lots of Russian mafia, mail order brides,  Generals and fur trimmed hats despite the heat.



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