School Term has started with lots of costume parties.  This week we have been kept busy hiring superheros and villains and 1970’s costumes.  A big theme this week is come as someone starting with P.  The store has been full of pirates, pink ladies, pink panther, panda, princess Leia, prisoners, power rangers and priests just to name a few.

Now is the time to book Your Purim costume.  We have a huge range of costume suitable for both adults and children.  We offer great discount rates on all school age children’s costumes.  Go as a King, Queen, banana, tomato, Alice, commando or  in disguise in a morphsuit.

It’s also Oscar season.  To celebrate the night why don’t you dress up as your favorite movie character.  Marilyn Monroe, Humphrey bogart, Indiana Jones, Lara Croft or the Great Gatsby could all make an appearance for your party.