Las Vegas Themed Costume Party If you haven’t already ‘done Las Vegas’ in this lifetime, there’s no need to fly to the other side of the world.  A Las Vegas themed party is rich with fun and (somewhat clichéd) themes, that would make for a brilliant costume party! You can bring Las Vegas into your own domain with very little effort, and your friends will love you for it.

Who hasn’t watched movies like Casino, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas or the Hangover and wondered what it would be like to be one of those colourful characters! If that sounds like fun, check out the below Las Vegas themes you can incorporate into your party venue, and a few winning Las Vegas costume ideas too.

Decorating your Las Vegas themed party

Las Vegas themed partySince Las Vegas is famed for its casinos, this would make a great party theme. Why not run some green felt down the centre of your tables to make them look like poker tables? Adorn those with a bit of glitter and you’ll have a full-on Vegas vibe in no time. If you have access to (or are prepared to hire) a slot machine or two, these will really look the part.

Next, invest in a few dice to scatter around, or make your own! You could even paint sturdy boxes as dice as makeshift party chairs. You’ll need a load of playing cards, fake poke chips and cash – unless you’re brave enough to part with the real thing! Your call entirely… Next up will be flashing lights and signs (after all, this is the city of the brightest lights!), and inflatable palm trees could work well too.

Perhaps you could even hire a pro dealer for the night if you want to make it as authentic as possible. Stick a movie like Ocean’s Eleven on a projector screen or large TV, and play some Bond music in the background. A karaoke machine probably wouldn’t go amiss either! Buffets are a big deal in Vegas, so put on a spread and stick an “All you can eat for $3.99” sign up nearby. Once you’ve set up your cocktail bar, you’re good to go.

Las Vegas themed partyAnother theme your friends will love is the Chapel of Love! Trashy brides will be in their element, and every Elvis wannabe you ever knew will be knocking your door down for an invite. This can be merged well with the casino theme by adding a red carpet, confetti, ribbons and discarded bouquets… why not put a little altar up and have a vicar at hand incase someone wants to tie the knot? Some Elvis tunes wouldn’t go amiss either!

Winning Las Vegas costumes

There are so many awesome Las Vegas costumes for your guests to choose from. Here are a few of our favourites:

Trashy Brides

Your Chapel come Casino wouldn’t be right without a few trashy brides knocking around. If you know anyone who likes the idea of tying the knot Vegas style, let them know that now is their chance! Does she even need a groom? Maybe, maybe not… and there’s always Elvis if she get’s jilted!

Elvis Presley

Elvis will be well at home at your costume party – especially if you opted for that karaoke machine! White flared jumpsuit studded with rhinestones? Check. Over-the-top bling? Check. Black coif and sideburns? Naturally. We’re all shook up thinking about it! The chapel of love will be rocking around the clock if you choose to dress up as Elvis.

Raoul Duke – Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Aficionado of psychedelia Raoul Duke will be the perfect accessory at any Las Vegas themed costume party. He knows how to party, and looks the part in his Hawaiian shirt, bucket hat, shades and slacks. Let’s just hope there’s no self-loathing the next day!

Las Vegas Themed partyAlan – The Hangover

This dude is bonkers, and that’s why he’s the leader of the Wolfpack in the hilarious movie, The Hangover. He loves to let his hair down, so dressing up as Alan will give you perfect excuse to let rip. Alan definitely looks the part at any Las Vegas party with his beard, shades, gleaming white shoes and baby carrier!

Vegas Showgirls

Showgirls are a necessity at any Las Vegas party, and there are so many glam styles to choose from. It’s time to get saucy in your Burlesque get up, with a feather headpiece and tail, golden corset and hot pants… those gambling tables won’t know what’s hit them! Swit-swoo!

Vegas showmen

How does a showman sound for a winning Vegas costume? It’s all about the sparkle in Vegas, no matter your gender! Look the part in a red sparkly sequined jacket, silver top hat and shiny shoes. Bling yourself up to the max and get ready to show off. You’ll make an excellent croupier for one thing, and who knows… the odds might be in your favour!

70’s Vegas divas

Sass and sex appeal are the name of the game, and they’re easy to pull of as a 70’s Vegas diva. You can’t go wrong in a Bond Girl-esque shiny black gown… or can you? The choice is yours. Just remember while you’re strutting your stuff that there are endless outcomes to your evening… but don’t worry, because what happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas!

Las Vegas themed party