winter warmer costumeHas anyone ever told you to go to hell? Well don’t be offended if we do… we are simply suggesting a Saints and Sinners winter warmer costume party to spice up the chillier months and stoke your fiery sides with some naughty fun! Of course, if you prefer the heavenly realms, this is also the party for you. A bit of sweetness and light is always needed to balance things out!

So how do you throw a saints and sinners party this winter? Don’t worry – we are brimming with ideas:


The party décor and atmosphere

sinner theme partyTurn your place into a church, with bibles and crosses, and perhaps even an altar to play your party games on? You can even put up stained glass window film on your windows for extra authenticity. Since you won’t want it to be all about the light, you could use large white church candles for your lighting. This also creates a spooky vibe that’s perfect for the devils, demons and vampires among you.

To keep the duality alive, why not base some of your décor on the seven deadly sins, such as greed, gluttony and lust? Embrace the first two by leaving piles of chocolate and cake lying around, and evoke the fires of lust by putting a few saucy posters on the walls. If you really want to push the boat out, you could set up a séance corner with a Ouija board – but note that if you do go for that option, we highly recommend not actually using it!

The gluttony sin covers your snacks, but don’t forget to mix up some devilishly good drinks such as a bowl of Tainted Holy Water punch. You could make that from gin and tonic or vodka and tonic with a twist of your choice, like a splash of Absinthe or Sambuca… that should keep the internal hell fire burning!

Top party game: Truth or Dare

truth-or-dare- partyOne of the most fun games to play at a saints and sinners themed party is ‘Truth or Dare’. Who are the real saints and sinners at your party? It’s time to find out how many of your vicars and nuns have skeletons in their closet. Make a list of eyebrow-raising dares and your party crew can vote on them when somebody won’t reveal their dark side.

To thicken the plot further, as it’s not always clear whether someone is masking their dark side with sweeter than light tales, you can also hold votes as to whether someone is telling the truth or not. If deemed to be lying, you can offer up a pre-prepared list of forfeits that the liar can choose from. If they can’t prove they’re telling the truth, it’s forfeit time…

Alternatively, combine this game with a drinking game. You can make it so that those with the least interesting answers have to drink a shot of tequila, for example. That should keep things interesting!

Winning saints and sinners costumes

Here are some of our favourite costumes for a saints and sinners party:

Angels of all kinds

saint and sinners partyAngels come in all shapes and sizes. Who says they have to be traditionally angelic? We love fallen angels and dark angels as well as the kind of celestial beings we’ll be praying will save us from our hangovers! Fallen angels would tempt the devil himself in their saucy black corsets and lacey gloves. Mind you, might the angels of the light enjoy tempting him over to the brighter side with a shimmering white petticoat and wondrous wings?

The Grim Reaper

The party wouldn’t be complete without this guy waiting to scoop up your sorry souls at the end of the night! The Grim Reaper loves to cash in on your party sins, but surely he can also let his hair down once in a while, no? After all, whom does he have to answer to? We wouldn’t argue with that scythe, we know that much.


saint and sinner partyWhat goes on between your corrupted church walls is between you partygoers… the outside world will be nun the wiser (sorry – we couldn’t resist). Saucy sisters can cover up their inner self for the night in this convincing nun costume… but we’ll see how convincing it manages to be once the true nun comes out!

Priests and Vicars

Priests and vicars are probably used to partying vicariously, but tonight that’s all going out of the church window. These guys are here to make sure you’re all on your best behaviour. Let’s see how good they are at their job this evening after a few Tainted Holy Water punches, shall we?



saint and sinner partyGood old blood-sucking vampires. They fit in well at every party, and especially this one. We are pretty sure that Dracula’s brides don’t know how to behave; these girls would surely give the angels a run for their money – as would Dracula himself! If you’re a fan of fangs and murky red liquids, don this outfit and pick up a bottle of Merlot en route.

Dangerous Devils and Devious Demons

Devils are not the only ones taking many different forms. Either gender can embody the ultimate dark being for a night, wielding their pitchforks and horns like they mean non-serious business!

Last, but by no means least, you can’t have a saints and sinners party without a demon or two. Just make sure they’re not lurking by your séance table trying to coerce some trouble! Trust us: you can’t trust ‘em!