how to host Xmas

We Aussies aren’t about to let searing heat put a halt to our festive celebrations… so we came up with a solution: Christmas in July We bring the festive season forward a few months to make the most of cooler temperatures, and what do you know? It’s party time! Here are our top tips on how to host Christmas in July party and the best Xmas costumes for authenticity. We’ll also give you a few tips on local celebrations in case you want to extend the party further… or simply crash someone else’s instead. Have fun!

As a Christmas in July party host, it’s your duty to set the festive tone. That means you’ll need to throw together a convincing Christmassy theme, lay on some festive food and drinks, and encourage guests to come in their Christmas clobber. Full on fancy dress costume parties are way more fun though… so we’ll give you a few ideas on that too.

The Christmas theme

how to host XmasWhether you go for the plastic or the authentic variety, you definitely need a Christmas tree. Go the whole hog with baubles and tinsel, and even giftwrap a few empty boxes to stash under the tree or around your venue. If you’ve got access to a yard or garden with palm trees, make the most of this by decorating them in lights and tinsel for a tropical Christmas.

Fake snow spray on the windows is always a winner, and if you can be bothered to get an artificial snow machine to spray outside (or even inside!) with faux snowflakes, kudos to you. Those who mean serious business might even make a papier-mâché snowman or two. Lastly, holly reefs and shiny banners wishing all a merry Christmas should set the scene nicely.

You’ll want some upbeat Christmas classics blaring from the speakers to inspire some crazy dancing, and you can’t go wrong with tunes like Slade’s ‘Merry Christmas Everybody’. If stuck, download yourself a playlist like this one on Spotify and let that roll.

Christmas in July costumes

how to host XmasThere are so many fun Christmas costumes for you and your guests to choose from. Your Christmas party is the perfect occasion for the heavenly angels to cast their halos to the side for a while, and no Christmas event would be complete without Santa Claus showing up – before showing himself up by glugging back all the whiskey.

Santa’s little helpers, the elves, also need an invite; give the poor snowmen a place to shelter from the winter sun, and you can even be charitable to the miserable Ebeneezer Scrooge should he decide to knock on your door. Those who can’t get enough of a naff Christmas jumper can rock up in exactly that… the Christmas costume list goes on!

Christmassy food and booze

how to host XmasWe particularly like eggnog cocktails; turn this Christmas childhood favourite into the ultimate party drink by adding a shot of strong liquor. Make some sparkling wine mojitos to cultivate that familiar festive fuzzy feeling… or, since Christmas often turns into an all-out booze fest, just set yourself up a bar full of spirits – that’s ‘getting into the Christmas spirit’ enough for most!

If you don’t have it in you to prepare a full on Christmas roast, all is not lost. Nobody needs stuffed and sleepy guests passed out on the carpet before the end of the night anyway! It’s probably enough to put out the usual buffet bits and bobs, but you can’t have an authentic Christmas party without an iced up fruitcake and some mince pies. We also love carving Christmas trees out of watermelon, and little bowls of sweets and chocolates won’t go amiss either.

Party games and competitions

Offer a Christmas in July themed prize for the best Christmas costumes. Wrap a few gifts for competition winners and leave them under the tree for them to pick once they’ve been crowned champion of Christmas clobber.

A game of Christmas carol charades should be good fun; simply act out the Christmas carols and have the teams guess them for points. Play ‘name that carol’ by changing the carol names to synonyms; the idea is that you can’t use the actual words, but you can use alternatives. For example, “The 12 Days of Christmas” becomes “A Dozen Twenty-Four Hour Yule Periods”.

Last but by no means least, good old drinking games keep the festive atmosphere alive well into ‘boxing day’.

Don’t want to throw your own party?

Simple… join someone else’s! Here are some of the best picks for Christmas celebrations in Australia this July:

  • Pinkmas in July at The Crafty Squire, 27th July
  • Christmas in July at Port Melbourne, 21st July
  • ATV Christmas in July at Urban Central, 25th – 26th July
  • Tightarse Tuesday’s Christmas in July at the Hawthorn Hotel, 23rd – 24th July
  • Christmas in July at the Metropolitan Hotel, 27th July

We hope you feel inspired by our Christmas in July suggestions – feel free to share photos on our Facebook page as we love to see you all dressed up in your party attire! Merry July Christmas everyone.

How to host Xmas