how to costume

Costume parties have been going for centuries and there is absolutely no way they will be dying out anytime soon. What a shame it would be if they did! After all, costume parties are just one of the many things that keep humans living in the moment, not taking life too seriously, and in celebration mode. There aren’t many parties as fun as a well-executed costume party (whatever Hugh Heffner might have said), but for some people, the prospect of dressing up in costume is a little daunting. We’ll show you how to costume!

That might be the case for various reasons; perhaps you feel silly, or maybe you’re stuck for ideas. It might be that you feel intimidated by the competition… or you may never have been to a costume party before. Perhaps you actually can’t wait to get involved, but aren’t sure where to start… Well don’t worry – you’re not alone – and as costume aficionados, we have got plenty of ideas to help you master dressing up in costume.

Take on board these tips and you’ll rock up like a pro and leave a lasting impression in the memories of your fellow partygoers:

Stay away from generic, clichéd outfits

cross dress wonder woman

Doing things ‘by the book’ isn’t going to make your costume – or your presence – memorable, let’s be real. Having said that, even if your actual costume isn’t the most original one on earth, there is so much you can do to own it, so to speak. For example, Wonder Woman isn’t particularly original but if you’re the opposite sex, it takes on a whole new dimension!

A touch of the unusual or outrageous never went amiss at a costume party, so even if you’re dressed up as, say… a typical cat woman… why not be a cat woman with top hat and tails combo? Or a cat woman with a touch of alley cat who just won a fight? A simple smattering of fake blood or strategically is your ally, in that instance.

Suss out your competitors

 how to costumeOk, it’s not really a competition… but costume is costume! At any costume party worth its salt there are not usually many attendees who don’t want to stand out from the crowd. Ask your host who is going, check out the social media around the event, ask other guests what they plan to wear; if this party is a regular at a venue, check out photos of previous similar events.

If you know there are likely to be several cancan dancers or James Bonds at the party, then do everything you can to go as something less common. If your heart is totally set on an outfit that might not be unique on the night, pull out all the stops to make sure yours is hands down the best! Aim to be the person dominating all the party snaps… and the one everyone takes a lead from at the next party.

Throw some humour into the mix

how to costumeWhenever anyone goes to a party of any kind, they want to look their best. It’s human nature to want to be admired and appreciated by peers. This explains why so many partygoers are bending over backwards to be as sexy as possible… and why not? However, humour is equally sexy – if not more so! It is possible to sexy and funny at the same time, and that is a killer combo at any party.

Taking oneself too seriously isn’t that sexy anyway really, and to reiterate: there’s nothing overly sexy about clichéd ‘sexy’ outfits like naughty nurses – they’re two a penny. If you want to be a sexy nurse, why not go as a sexy zombie nurse instead? Turning up with some silly components to your outfit will garner far more attention, and it implies an abundance of confidence too.

Either go totally carefree in a ridiculous outfit, or set yourself the challenge of equal parts silly and sexy. How about a sexy sumo wrestler? Or a dashing drag queen? Imagination will get you everywhere.

Add your own unique touches

how to dress upWhy not be creative and make some of your own accessories – or your entire outfit, if you’ve got the skills? Great products for your kit might be tin foil, toilet roll tubes, broom handles, feathers, or beads; then there are Christmas decorations, kids toys (e.g. swords, snakes or dolls heads), fairy lights… again, imagination wins.

A homemade headdress is a personal statement piece, and then you’ve got all manner of items that you can customise. Think wigs, tights, masks… whatever you can stamp a personal touch on will push you one step further in the direction of ‘best costume’.

Don’t be afraid to hire a killer costume

Sometimes the best way to rock the party is with a pre-made costume. When costumes are made by professionals all the fine details are covered and quality is guaranteed. Decent costume shops will have a wide range of costumes including their accessories so that the hard work is done for you… simple browse to find the perfect outfit for your shape, size and character.

If you want to pull out all the stops, this is a smart choice. If you’re a very busy person, or stuck for original ideas, this is the easy answer.  Save yourself the effort and time to come up with your own outfit… let an experienced costume company help you out. At Creative Costumes we have a huge range of costumes and we are on hand to help you pick out something guaranteed to make an impression.

At the end of the day, the best attitude to have toward dressing up for costume parties is this: be yourself, while dressing as originally as you can… don’t take the whole thing (or yourself) too seriously; bring out your inner child, rock the dance floor, and aim to have as much fun as you ever have to date!