hot weather costumes

Can you be sizzling hot and ice cool at the same time? ‘Course you can… if you play your cards right. You know how it goes; in Australian summer time it’s all you can do to keep your cool, but sweaty is not the look we’re aiming for while we party. Not if we can help it, anyway.  We want you to have an absolute blast in the hotter of Australia’s temperatures, so our recommendation is that dress-wise, ‘less is more’. Cool off even as things heat up with these fun summer hot weather costumes ideas:

Miami pool party

Miami is famous for being one of the best places in the world to party, so take a leaf out of their book. Don’t have access to a pool? Hire hot tubs, an inflatable pool or just put up a few paddling pools in your back yard.

hot weather costumes

60’s style Miami cocktails are a must-have; why not set up a cocktail bar and serve up classy cocktails while the deep house pumps in the background. Having a few pink flamingos dotted around won’t hurt either. Last but far from least, get your skimpy summer attire on with your coolest designer shades, and make a splash.


Everybody loves a Hawaiian theme. What is about those loud Hawaiian shirts that guys go crazy for wearing? While your guy-friends get flamboyant, your girlfriends get glam in grass skirts or sarongs, and bikini tops. Accessories will include colourful leis, straw hats for the guys, and flower hairgrips and fans for the girls.

hot weather costumes

To the set the scene, illuminate your garden with beautiful bamboo tiki torches, as many pineapples as you can get your hands on and perhaps even a roasting pig. Coconut Pina Coladas served in their shell will fly out of your ‘bar’; pineapple cocktails make sense too.

Love boat

Here’s your chance to really push the boat out… by hiring one! Budding sailors are going to love this theme, ‘decked out’ in their boating attire of gleaming white shorts, deck shoes and polo shirts. Sexy sailors will be welcome aboard, and ladies will love the chance to sparkle in their ‘naughty nauticals’ or magical mermaid outfits.

Whatever you do, don’t forget the bartender! Then all that’s left to do is set sail and let your hair down.the-love-boat

Pirates of the Caribbean

While we’re on the nautical theme, some serious booty shakin’ is in store with a ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ themed party. Choose a poolside location or again, hire a boat for an authentic pirate vibe.

Plastic swords and a treasure chest encourage your pirates to thrash it out, but rather than traditional booty, you could fill your treasure chest with crazy fancy dress items. Those that come up with winning combinations are the winners of the real treasure… a bottle of Dom Perignon? Play games or stage a mutiny for maximum laughs, and have plenty of face paints, eye patches and maybe a few stuffed toy parrots available.

White night summer BBQ

Elegance is the order of the day with this theme. There’ll be white, white and more white, with everybody looking angelic and glittery in the glow you’ve created; you’ll do that with twinkling fairy lights, rows of tea lights, and if you’re outside, some solar garden lights will also complement. Complementary white costume ideas could include angels and Roman togas.

Your drinks bar should sport sophisticated tall cocktails like Tom Collins’ or champagne cocktails. Jazz music will float across the scene, and as it’s so hot, you could offer your guests hand-held fans.white themed afternoon

Beach party

If you can do this one on the beach, great; otherwise, bring the beach theme to your home; another good excuse to wear your coolest summer swimwear and sarongs, or dress up as beach volley players, surfers and lifeguards.

Food and drinks will be picnic-style, so simple beer cans and sandwiches will work. With your beach bar music on bassy portable speakers, you can lounge on rugs, cushions and beach towels. Stage a few games or competitions such as beach volley, bat and ball, surfing etc. Don’t forget some lighting for the evening!

Mexican Fiestamexican themed party

The Mexicans do it ‘bright and colourful’, so your Mexican Fiesta will be a feast for the eyes. It goes without saying that you’ll want Mexican hats, and your clothes will be as eye-catching as possible. Light scarves and ponchos look great, and you can decorate your scene with colourful lanterns and crepe streamers, as well as a piñata to bash.

Music-wise, a mariachi band would make a great addition to the vibe, and you can serve up burritos, fajitas, tacos and spicy nachos.

Backyard Jungle party

Get the jungle posse round and go wild with a jungle party theme. The Tarzans and Janes among you will love this one, but make sure your trees are sturdy before guests swing from any branches.

The style will of course constitute sarongs, loincloths, grass skirts… you might have a few apes or jungle explorers wondering around in britches and camouflage shirts, and there should be a lot of back-combed, crazy hair on show. Guests can go wild to jungle beats or tribal music, and you can serve them up jungle food; that means plenty of tropical fruits, some fresh fish and some coconuts, and witchetty grubs for the more daring/desperate!

Havana Nights party

Cuban music is a major draw for any party lover, so click your Cuban heels to some authentic Cuban beats. Dancers will strut their stuff Havana-style in fifties-style Spanish dresses, polo shirts and Panama hats. Mojitos will keep the mood high, and guests that don’t want to dance can play cards while they toke on cigars and swig Havana rum.

One thing is for sure, whatever the theme and whatever the temperature, you and your party are going to be cool.

Jungle themed partyhavana Party