rage musicMusic festivals are common pursuit these days – they are part of modern culture.  Their popularity is self-evident and they’re not about to stop being fun any time soon. But is it possible that we can take some of the shine out of things by doing it the same way every time?

If you were to eat the same three meals every day for a month the chances are you get bored of them. The same concept could be applied to your music festival habits; variety is the spice of life, as they say, so why not pull out all the stops when you go to your music festivals this year?

They also say you only live once, and as the aim of the game is optimum fun, get your crew together and indulge in some of these fun ideas for maximising your music festival memories:

Start off with a New Year’s Day festival

Who says the fun has to end on New Year’s Eve?  Take your crew and extend the party into 2017 by heading down to the Sundown Festival New Year’s Day.

Here you will find the best of electronic dance music combined with sunset views on the river to help you all to bring the New Year in style. There is no doubt that you’ll be the standout kings and queens of the festival!

Go to the coast for a New Year’s Music & Arts festival

music festivalWhat better way to celebrate the New Year than to combine music and arts with a festival? Head up the Western Highway for a New Year festival like the Rainbow Serpent Festival where they’ll go all out to entertain you.

You could dress yourselves in tribal feathers and headdresses, psychedllic fluro, or invoke fantasy with unicorns, fairies. There will be plenty of ways to have fun here, what with their lineup of music and performers, but you can bring your own fun to the table by turning up in your own costume creation.

Go to the Meredith Supernatural Amphitheatre

meredith music festivalIf there’s one thing Meredith is famous for it’s fun. It may have been going since 1991 but the things that made it famous still characterise it in 2016. That means you can bring your own bottles, camp out with your mates, and not be pummeled by commercial sponsorship.

This is the place to really let your hair down, with the weirdest and most wonderful characters you’ll see all year. The sound system promises to be phenomenal, as does the eco-friendly, natural setting.

As Meredith proclaims to be supernatural, there’s no reason you can’t be too. Here anything goes, so why not pull out all the stops with outrageous costumes and make it a festival to remember? Your team of supernaturals might include Black Swan ballet dancers, Breaking Bad lab operatives, Beetlejuice reincarnations or Egyptian mummies. The crazier the better!

Take a road trip – or even a flight!

Sometimes a road trip can be a lot of fun, especially with friends in tow. There are so many festivals around Australia that you get to easily by car, or plane if necessary. Some of these are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for fun, so it would be a shame to miss out. The question is: how far would you go in the name of fun?

Wide Open Space should be on every serious festivalgoer’s bucket list. Here you would have three full days to break your ‘fun record’ once and for all. No party or festival is really complete without a head-turning costume, so organise with your friends to become an ‘away team’; super heroes and villains, a bunch of bikers, an 80s aerobics dance troupe, soldiers or even flight attendants… it doesn’t matter – just be sure to have next-level fun with uniformed ‘dance offs’ and drinking games.

… or keep it close to home

music festival funBecause music festivals are so popular there is always going to be one to choose from; you don’t have to go too far to have serious fun. If you stay around Melbourne you’ll be able to choose from countless great music events – all year round.  It goes without saying that music festivals can be even more of a blast in the summer!

Whether you find yourself ‘Groovin the Moo’ or jazzin’ it up at a jazz festival, we guarantee you won’t be bored in 2017. When you’re surrounded by people who all have the same goal as you – to have a good time with some good music and some laid-back party people – you can’t really go wrong! One day you’ll be looking back at the photos of you and your friends in your crazy costumes and make up having the times of your lives, and you won’t be able to help but crack a huge grin.