Ten Wackiest Costumes Ever.

Costumes are a lot of fun! They allow you to dress up as someone else and temporarily adopt a new identity. They can also just be really cute, between the pretty frills and sparkly glitter of princess costumes and the slinky figure-flattering jumpsuits of superhero costumes.

But sometimes costumes can go tragically wrong. Some costumes make everyone who has the misfortune of seeing them wonder what on earth possessed the wearer of the costume to wear it! Here is a countdown of ten of the wackiest costumes we’ve ever seen!

boba fett costume weirdweird costume10 – Boba Chicken

Not sure whether this is cool or not but it’s certainly weird.  The chicken version of the Star wars tough bounty hunter.


9 – A healthy salad.

Are you and your partner trying to eat healthier? Beware, you are what you eat! In this case, literally.





8 – A Furry.

You don’t quite realize how terrifying those furry toys are until you see them grinning dementedly at you in man-sized form. It’s the stuff of neon-colored nightmares.

7 – Batman Princess

It’s a fairly simple costume, since it’s just a bloke in a Batman mask wearing a dress.  But it’s certainly funny.  This guy is famous at cosplay events.

weird furry animal costume

Girly batman costume












6 – Car Seat Costume

We’ve all been there at some point. We want to freak out the drive thru guy by ordering take out in this costume but now someone has actually done it. If you want to laugh until you cry, this costume is for you!

5 – A Roast Turkey baby.

This is just so, so wrong in so many ways. On the plus side, however, it makes carrying your baby around as easy as serving turkey on a platter!

funny carseat costumeweird baby costume









4 – Big Foot

If you want extra points for gross-out factor, add a bunion or some toenail fungus.

3 – The couple that plays together stays together.

But how together do you really want to be? This rollercoaster couple’s costume leaves very little personal space. At least you know you won’t be abandoned at the party!couple costume weirdweirdest costumes












2 – Pregnant cross-dressing Tinkerbell.

Some things simply can’t be unseen and this costume will make it impossible to watch the childhood classic ‘Peter Pan’ the same way ever again. One can only wonder about the twistedly creative mind behind this one!

weird tinkerbell costumeweird yoda costume












1 – Sexy Yoda.

Come on. We know fans are excited for Star Wars: Episode VII, but there has to be a limit to what characters are suitable for sexy costumes. We draw the line firmly before sexy Yoda. While many people have thought many things about the ancient, wrinkly creature, I doubt ‘I wonder what he looks like in a miniskirt’ was one of the more popular thoughts.

So there you have it – ten bizarre costumes that will make you question their wearers’ eyesight! Now that you know what not to do, happy costuming!