In store this week customers dressed up for a very unusual themed Mad Max, Kill Bill or Barbarella party.  We dressed them up as Wez, Lord Humungous, Max, Elle Driver, Bill, O-ren Ishii, Gogo, Crazy 88, Pygar the Angel, the Great Tyrant and Jane Fonda Barbarella.   We also had a post Halloween party, with lots of people dressing up as Dracula, Freddie Krueger Ghost, Wednesday Addams, Zombies, Mummy’s and Scream.

This week we’ve had lots of requests for a Safari party.  Costumes for this party could a Safari hunter, African tribesman, Jungle girl, Tarzan, Lion, tiger, Zebra, Elephant, Flamingo or Witch doctor all great ideas.  We also sell jungle accessories, safari helmets, bones, clubs, afro wigs and face paint so get all kitted out in store this week.