Football Fever has hit Melbourne in the Costume Shop.  Check out loads of our costumes on Channel Nine football show this week.  My favorite just in time for Ocktoberfest are the boys in lederhosen.  So if you need a German costume this October come on down and hire our girls dirndl and boys German shorts we have the real stuff.

Getting ready for Halloween this week with all our new halloween costumes now in store.  Get inspired with our huge range of scary makeup, masks and costumes for hire or sale.  Fake blood, scars, special effects latex kits, devil horns, pitchforks, decorations, creepy skeletons, cobwebs, scary wigs and vampire teeth.

Dress up as Jack Skellington, Sweeney Todd, Elivra, Morticia Addams, Hannibal Lecter, Sally, Bettlejuice,  Dementors, Harry Potter, Elvira, the Joker, Vampire Le stat, Wednesday Addams, Zombies, Mr and Mrs Frankenstein,  Day of the Dead and many more.