Whew!! another book week extravaganza safely over.  We had lots of fun dressing our smaller customers, in childrens book themed costumes this week. Kids have such fun in dressing up in costume and our store is like Aladdins cave for them.  Harry Potter, Peter Pan and The Cat in the Hat being the most popular fancy dress this week.

1980’s rocks with customers dressing up as Madonna, Boy George, Jon Bon Jovi, Molly Meldrum, Banana Rama, and Wham.  Or go as my absolute favorite 80’s Prom King and Prom Queen and practice your whacky dancing.

Medieval costumes have been popular with the new Camelot TV series showing and the ever popular Merlin.  So put on a flowing dress, braid your hair and await your prince to rescue you from your tower.

The release of Underbelly’s Razor has also inspired us to introduce a whole new range of fabulous 1920’s gangster girl costumes.  Dresses have drop waists, fringing, beads, headpieces and guns.  Watch Out they’re deadly.