xmas in JulyChristmas is a magical time full of family bonding, holiday cheer, and high spirits all around! The Yuletide celebration lights up summer for many of us, but there is no reason why a holiday so joyful should only come around once a year. Cooler weather in July allows for more comfortable indulgence in rich holiday treats, as well as more joy in the absence of the stress of the traditional Christmas festivities in December. With Christmas in July, every year has double the Christmas cheer! This July 25, throw a holly, jolly Christmas in July with these tips!

Christmas JulyThe very first thing to decide when planning your own Christmas in July is how you would like to celebrate. From holiday parties with friends to Christmas movie marathons with the kids, there are so many ways to celebrate! Take your favorite parts of the traditional Christmas celebration and leave behind the rest.

For those who love the sense of togetherness with friends and family, formal holiday dinners allow you to bring together all of your favorite people and honor their places in your life. Set the mood by dressing your dining room in red, green, silver, and gold Christmas decorations! Set the dinner table elegantly for your Christmas feast and feature classic holiday decorations, like holly, mistletoe, and tinsel, wherever you can.

For those who prefer the intimacy of cozy Christmases with only their closest loved ones, small lunches are perfect. Have the host prepare a holiday favorite, like turkey or glazed ham, for the main dish. Each guest can bring a side or two, from roasted vegetables to plum pudding, to complete the meal without too much burden on any one person. Festive beverages, from hot chocolate to eggnog to mulled wine and Christmas cocktails, add the finishing touch to an indulgent meal that is even better enjoyed in July than in the sweltering heat of December!

One of the great things about Christmas is that it brings people together socially who may have otherwise never connected in that way. If you prefer to focus on that for your Christmas in July, plan a holiday trivia evening with your colleagues! Set the mood with a beautifully decorated Christmas tree and candles in festive scents like gingerbread, peppermint, and evergreen. Play Christmas music in the background and encourage guests to dress up in either their holiday best or in fun holiday costumes, from Santa Claus to snowmen to elves!

Christmas elfA fun Kris Kringle exchange to cap off the evening is the perfect closer. Limit gift values to $10 or less and let the trivia winner go last. Draw lots over who has to go first and for the subsequent drawings. Each guest can either pick a new gift to unwrap or choose one of the gifts that have already been unwrapped. Perhaps a fun rivalry over a gift or two will develop!

Alternately, film buffs or families can take advantage of Christmas in July to have merry movie marathons! Decorate the movie viewing room with all things Christmas, to set the scene for the fun and make the movie marathon a special event and not just a day of binge watching. Sip hot chocolate, nibble on gingerbread men and chocolate chip cookies, and let the movies sweep you away into the nostalgia of childhood Christmases past as you spend time with the children you love!

xmas familyNo matter what your interest, there are many wonderful ways to enjoy a Christmas in July. You can pick as many ways to celebrate as you like and enjoy Christmas in July your way! Without the pressure and expectations of the traditional holiday, there is nothing to lose and so many fun times to gain!