This week at Creative Costumes

Posted on May 20, 2011 by dale

This week at Creative Costumes international costumes are all the rage.  From Scottish lass’s to Norwegian wenches and a few maruading vikings thrown into the mix.

We just got a whole new shipment of fabulous wigs from the US this week.  All the staff had a great laugh at trying out some new styles for ourselves.  I really love our Boom Boom Washington afro wig on Sam. Welcome Back Kotter style.    Lots of new beehives for Felicity Shagwell and Mad Men’s Joan.  A wig changes your whole look.  People won’t recognise you in a wig especially if you change your color.

Harry Potter accessories (ties and scarfs) have been walking out the door this week in anticipation of the final movie.  Can’t wait to see it.  If you love movies like us don’t forget to check out Johnny Depp’s latest installment of Pirates of the Carribean.  Aarrrgh!!!

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