Valentines Day CoupleThe key element here is costume fun, but in new ways. If you’re cozily coupled up, we’ve got ideas for you. If you’re trying to win him or her over, we know what to do. If you’re single… no worries! By the end of the night you may not be, but you’ll have had a blast regardless. Take a look at our fun ideas and see what works best for your Valentine’s Day:

  1. For couples and seducers: book a novel romantic dinner for two

If you really want to pull out all the stops this Valentine’s Day, book a table at a special place for the evening… but prepare to make a statement. Whether you’ve got a partner or a first date, this idea is so much fun, and for a first date it would be truly unforgettable!

Ideally, you won’t mention the costume – you’ll turn up with it just before the date, perhaps even gift-wrapped. That’s where the fun begins. When you arrive at the restaurant, you know that all eyes will be on you, but that’s all part of the Valentine’s Day fun. Make even more of a show of things by having the restaurant staff bring out gifts, a personalized cake, or a bottle of champagne.Valentine Day costumes

A great tongue in cheek costume idea for this would be Beauty and the Beast, or Beetlejuice and Lydia. Cowgirls love their Indians, and don’t they look great together?

  1. For singles: host a singles dating night

Dress up as Cupid and hold a costumed date night for the singles you know. Valentine’s Day is often a drag for those who aren’t part of a couple. They’ll spend the night in with other single friends or find some other way to distract from their un-coupled status. Perhaps they don’t really care, but either way, they’re bound to be up for some fun instead… and who knows where it might lead?

valentine day costumesIt’s not difficult to organize. You just need a big table and/or plenty of seating. Put on a buffet and drinks, and some lively music to get people in the mood. Make sure you’ve set up plenty of private spaces containing just two chairs, or floor cushions. Create an ambience that can’t fail to bring out the loving vibes.

  1. For couples: act out/reenact the big day – with a twist

A lot of people are busy on Valentine’s Day, so you could make this a private affair for the two of you. If that doesn’t feel right, invite friends and family without plans to your alternative Valentine’s Day event. They would probably be happy to dress up too!

For married couples, you can turn back the clock in several ways by renewing your vows as an 18th century couple.  If you haven’t married yet, party like the Indians do with a Bollywood style wedding. Never-to-be-marrieds can show their disdain for the real thing by doing it Bride of Chucky style.Valentines Day costumes

  1. For couples and singles: throw a Lovers’ costume party

Bring everyone together to share the love on this special day with a lovers’ costume party. This way nobody gets left out and all can celebrate life’s romance in a mega-fun way. There are many ways you can spice up the evening; consider leaving some copies of the Karma Sutra around, or have a screening of When Harry Met Sally, or something similar.

Fun ideas for the night might be card games with Karma Sutra playing cards. Have some coffee table copies of the Karma Sutra and even consider playing a game of Karma Sutra-style Twister if you’re really adventurous! You could hold some competitions: prizes for the most romantic photos and first date stories. Give out prizes for those who’ve been together the longest… hold a story-telling session where people can impart their funniest or most romantic tales.

Any of the above costumes work for this event, but there’s always more… couples might like to dress up as 70’s disco stars, and maybe Prince William and Kate Middleton will make an appearance.costumes for Valentines Day

Go forth and spread the love….

We are confident that if you take on one of our ideas, you’re going to have a Valentine’s Day to remember forever. What’s more, your lover (or future lover) is going to be beaming – you’ll be in the good books until at least next February. Last but by no means least… lots of love from all at Creative Costumes!