Celebrate 4th of July American-Style in Melbourne

Posted on June 25, 2018 by dale

Celebrate 4th of JulyIndependence Day is the American national holiday every July 4th. It commemorates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. The rest of the world wants a slice of this American pie too, so every year on this day, events and activities are organised with the aim of celebrating American style.

There are lots of ways to embrace American culture, and it can be heaps of fun. America is famous for many things, from diners to Budweiser and hip-hop beats, and Melbourne is more than happy to take a leaf out of America’s book for a day. If you want to get involved in the city’s celebration of America this 4th July, we have some tips for you:

  1. Eat American food

Celebrate 4th of JulyAlthough we fully endorse Independence Day indulgence, we’re not saying it’s totally healthy! Hotdogs, massive burgers, calorific fries, and overloaded tacos may be best kept as a once per year thing anyway. But… milkshakes and cheesecakes! Mmmm.

Don’t care? Great! Then crack open some Buds and get your friends together for an American buffet and barbeque this 4th July. If you really want to push your luck, hold a hot dog eating contest!

If you’re not up for cooking and would rather someone else serve up your American delights, go visit one of Melbourne’s American diners. We recommend booking early for Independence Day as these places will fill up fast:

  • Trunk Bar & Restaurant is a hip diner with a big beer garden
  • Third Wave Café is a colourful café by day and a BBQ spot at night
  • Soda Rock Diner is a retro-style diner with vintage booths and a ‘comfort’ food menu
  1. Play some good old American tunes

celebrate 4th JulyHow about some American folk music to get you into the swing of things? These patriotic songs will be a perfect fit for your 4th July celebrations:

  • Dixie, by Billy Randolph & The High Hatters.
  • You’re a Grand Old Flag, by The Hollywood Studio Orchestra and Chorus
  • Marine Hymn, by Studio Group
  • The Billboard March, by The Kings of Dixieland
  • Stars & Stripes, by Studio Group
  • When Johnny Comes Marching Home, by Members of the Glenn Miller Orchestra
  • Born in the USA by Bruce Springsteen

If folk music is not your thing, America just loves hip-hop, and some of the ‘90s hip-hop is the best known around the world. Download some of these classic hip-hop tunes and get down to them at your Independence Day gathering.

  • Nas – The World Is Yours
  • Warren G – Regulate
  • Wu-Tang Clan – CREAM
  • Ol’ Dirty Bastard – Shimmy Shimmy Ya
  • Salt-N-Pepa – Let’s Talk About Sex
  • Dr Dre – Nuthin’ But A ‘G’ Thang
  • Jay Z – Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem)

  1. Watch or play some American sports

Playing or watching American football – or should we say soccer – is one way to celebrate Independence Day. Tune in on the day with your friends, or have your own soccer game in the yard or your local park.

Celebrate 4th of July

Baseball is an all American sport, and if you fancy watching it live, Chicago Sox versus Cincinnati is happening on 4th July. Then there’s basketball, which is a whole lot of fun to play. Put up a basketball hoop in the yard and practice some Bud-fuelled dunks.

Sports games (whether watched or played) go pretty well with an afternoon barbeque event. Keep up with American sporting events for inspiration and updates ahead of the big day.

  1. Host an American-themed party with costumes

Celebrate  4th JulyIf you really want to supersize your 4th July celebrations, the above three ideas could all be rolled into one in the best possible way: an American-themed costume party! You know what to eat and drink, and what kind of music to play, so you just need to decide who is coming to the party.

How about some of the USA’s ex-presidents? You never know… Carter, Reagan, Johnson and Nixon could be the perfect party guests! Smooth criminal Al Capone would also be at home at your all American costume party, drinking a few buds and chewing the cud (or spare ribs) with Beyoncé… and Captain America and his saucy daughter might be there to keep things in order (or not, as the case may be!

Other great costume ideas might be the Statue of Liberty, some American astronauts, the Clueless crew or Top Gun stars.

  1. Attend the fireworks display and Firecracker run in Melbourne

celebrate 4th of JulyNothing says party quite like fireworks, so get involved with the Melburnians in a mass celebration of Independence Day. You can see the longest and most magnificent fireworks show in Melbourne if you head down to Front Street Park for 9pm. Get there at 8pm and you’ll see a skydiving show by the Air Sports Parachute Team.

This year’s celebration also features the Firecracker 5K run, the first race of the Running Zone Foundation Race Series. It starts at 7am in Front Street Civic Centre, and will go over the Melbourne Causeway. The race is part of the 4th July celebrations, so you can expect to see runners in the stars and stripes, flags waving everywhere and there’s even a costume contest, so your costume party dress could come in most handy!

So there you have it. You don’t need to be on the other side of the world to have fun like the Americans do it. Melbourne is ready and waiting for your American-style contribution, whatever that may be. Enjoy yourselves!

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