New Years Eve the perfect Excuse to dress up.

New Year’s Eve is one of the most exciting days of the year, because it is a major event for two years at once. New Year’s Eve closes out the old year with bang and heralds in the new one with lots of good cheer! As a major festive occasion, it is perfectly acceptable to dress up in costume on New Year’s Eve. Life is short, so don’t pass up the chance to have some fun being something, or someone, else!

Maybe you are a very sensible, practical person with a very reasonable office job and a conservative daily work dress code. Add some magic to your New Year’s Eve celebrations by dressing up as a princess or a unicorn!

unicorm Sexy man costume  Maybe you don’t have someone to kiss at midnight (yet). Stack the odds in your favor by dressing up as romantic favorites, choosing either a naval officer or Top Gun costume to make the chicks swoon.

Guess who this year’s top pick up artist of the party will be? That’s right, you!

Or maybe you would prefer to flashback to a bygone era as you move into a fresh new year? There are so many great decades, with so many great looks, to choose from!

A 1920’s flapper costume is always a fun and festive choice for a New Year’s Eve celebration! The dresses make for perfect dancewear as you shimmy the night away!

1920's costume

beehive wig

If you are not up for a full costume this year for whatever reason, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have any fun! Everyone will be in a festive spirit, so this is the perfect time of year to let out your inner Lady Gaga and go wild with whatever wigs, makeup, and accessories you want!

The beehive hairstyle may not be coming back en vogue anytime soon, but it can be a lot of fun to forget about what a fashion faux pas it is for just a night. Some glamazon hair may be just what you need to keep you in the party mood until midnight and beyond!

Whatever you dress up as, and whether it is a complete costume or a partial look, dressing up for your New Year’s Eve celebrations sets you up with a guaranteed ice breaker. Have fun starting conversations with ease to form new friendships for next year before this year draws to a close!