Halloween party themeHalloween TombstonesHalloween is all about fun! This is one night in the year when we dress like freaks and eat pure sugar for dinner.  Pick a theme for your party to give your guests ideas for their costumes.  Ideas for could be a Haunted House, Dracula’s dinner, Famous couples, Monster bash, Witches tea party, ghouls night out and a traditional Harvest party.

Plan your Trick or Treat.  Print out a map of the neighborhood and sit down as a family and discuss the route. This will give the kids a chance to pick the houses they definitely want to hit (they always remember the ones with the chocolate bars), and it will allow you to set a schedule so you can finish at the end of the route.

Halloween Crime sceneHalloween Spider windowDecorations: Enter if you dare! Outside, place artificial cobwebs around the house so guests must walk through them to enter the party.  Mound earth to look like newly dug graves and set out a few of these tombstones for a deathly welcome.  Create a web of swarming spiders on your windowsill and guests will be crawling to get away from it.   Inside add clusters of candles, and keep the lights down low.  Add police tape to cordon off your stairs or private rooms of the house.  Place mirrors with eyes throughout your place or set up a funeral parlour by turning a table into coffin and cover furniture with sheets.

Halloween Drinks

Music set the scene with suitably scary music, include The Monster Mash, Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”, Ghostbusters, Time warp, Welcome to my Nightmare, Werewolves of London.   and Soundtracks of Halloween movies such as Nightmare on Elm street.

Foods and drinks Things you can make are ‘Witchy eyeball stew’ just fill a cauldron full of gumballs in Halloween colors with a drawn on pupil, using a edible marker.  Make spooky spider cupcakes with purple and green food color, jube bodies and use Liquorice strings to make spider legs, with black sparkle gel for eyes – yum.  Be the ghostess with the mostess with a Shocktails Bar showcasing screamingly scrumptious thirst-chasers. Create the backdrop with spider webbing, dress bottles in creepy fake labels and drape your bar in hessian.  Don’t forget spooky-cool drinkware like skull mugs, goblets and test tube shot holders!

Games/Fun  For the kids: Bobbing for apples, mystery jar guessing fame, pumpkin bowling, mummy wrap with toilet paper,  monster mash dance contest, murder they played, grave yard scavenger hunt and place the wart on the witch,   Have a no-carve no-mess pumpkin decorating activity! Set out a collection of buckets filled with colorful Halloween favors like big red lips, googly-eyed glasses and witch’s fingers and let the kids create their monsters.

For the adults: Silent Movie Shot in the Dark: Play a scary movie in the background or in a separate room. Set up some movie rules, like whenever someone gets shot, everyone does a shot. Or whenever a character screams, everyone drinks.

Witches Brew CauldronHalloween Spider CupcakesPumpkin Decorating





Costume Ideas: Zombies, Beetlejuice, Thriller, Mina, Mrs Lovett, Mummy, Draculas Bride, Sheriff Grimes, Spike, Buffy, Chucky, Michael Myers, Morticia, Riff Raff, The Joker, Freddie Krueger, Bloody Alice, Waking Dead, Cruella D’Vil, Kill Bill, more costume ideas…