Best Costume Couples Ever

superman wonderwoman costumesWhether it’s a boyfriend, a girlfriend, or just a friend, it’s fun to dress up with a partner! Matching looks double the impact and draw double the attention. Plus, it’s much more fun to plan a costume together with a loved one than it is to do it alone!

Whether you want a romantic costume to reflect your own relationship, something glam to let you both feel like a million dollars for a night, or something funny that you can laugh about together, there’s a great costume for you and your plus one. Here are some of our favorite couples costumes!

1) Superman and Wonderwoman. They’re a classic couple that has been revamped with a new look for a new movie.  Grab bae and be the power couple that never goes out of style!

2) Hans and Chewbacca from Star Wars. ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ may officially be a 2015 sensation, but it’s still a hot topic well into 2016.

Han Solo and chewbacca costumesBest costume coupleJack Sally Skellington costumetop gun couple costume




If you’re pairing up with a bro instead of a significant other, Hans and Chewbacca make a great friendly team to have fun all night!

3) Barbie and Ken. Mattel brought Barbie back to the forefront in a big way with Barbie’s evolution into a dynamic, all-inclusive character with different bodies and ethnicities! Now you, too, can be Barbie like you never could before.

Grab your Ken and remind us all why it’s so fun to live in a Barbie world!

4) Sally and Jack Skellington. This ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ duo makes spooky romantic!

Whether you’re die-hard Tim Burton fans or just want a spooky couple’s costume that’s more current than the outdated Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein pairing, Sally and Jack Skellington are just right!

5) Top Gun couple. Everyone loves this powerful couple, so let your hubby feel like the coolest guy on earth this year. But don’t worry, you’ll have your share of the fun as the sexy sidekick!couple costume dumb and dumber

6) Dumb and Dumber. They’re a comedic classic, but this isn’t just for a male duo anymore. Girls and couples can dress up as the hilarious dunces, too!

7) Cleopatra and Pharoah. Don your most regal airs and travel back in time to Ancient Egypt with your loved one. Exotic makeup, ornate jewelry, and draping white garments complete the look!Egyptian couple costumes

8) Marie Antoinette and King Louis VI. If you’re feeling slightly more modern than Ancient Egypt, but still want to spend the night as royalty, this is the couple to be! Powdered curly wigs and gorgeous gowns remind us why the two are remembered for their lifestyle of excess!

9) Disney’s Up’s Kevin and Russell. Dog is man’s best friend. Grab your human bestie and dress up as Kevin and Russell from Disney’s beloved Up for a funny, cute costume kids of all ages will enjoy!

10) Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchannan from The Great Gatsby. Love period romances and dressing up in the glamorous fashions of yesteryear?  Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchannan are as glamorous, if ill-fated, as it gets. Travel to prosperous ’20s Long Island for a night and live it up in style!

11) Star Trek’s Spock and Uhura. Trekkies may be feeling a little left out with all the buzz around Star Wars lately. Don’t let the dominant fandom get you down!   Channel the romance as gorgeous sci-fi couple, Spock and Uhura!

French couple costumeUp couple costumesjay gatsby and daisy costumesStar Trek couple costumes




12) Khaleesi and Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones. She’s stunning and commands dragons and loyal armies of followers. He’s a brute with a soft heart, whose death makes even those of us who liked him the least to start shed a tear to watch him slip away.

They’re simultaneously cute and terrifying!Khal Drogo and Khalessi couple

13) A male Mad Hatter and a female bright, funny, topsy-turvy character! This costume is so fun! Past a certain age, most of us don’t dress up in lots of bright colors and mismatching prints on a regular basis.

Take a trip into the wonky world of Alice in Wonderland with your sweetheart!

mad hatters costumeDr Suess costumes14) Thing 1 and Thing 2. This is a classic couple’s costume that’s fun, great for couples of all ages, and perfect for those who love to be a little silly.

The couple that laughs together stays together!

15) Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. They’ve been together for quite a while now – long enough to have two adorable children together – but somehow this drama-loving couple is always in the news. Between Kanye’s debt scandal and Kim’s always overexposed assets, their names are on everyone’s lips and their faces on every tabloid rack. Fluff up your egos and be the couple of (every) year!Kim and Kanye costume couple

Dressing up together can bring a couple closer to each other, or give a pair of friends a great conversation starter at a party full of strangers. Go funny, go sexy, or go topical, but just make sure to go big! Don’t forget that double the costume warrants double the fun!