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80’s POP Wig

80’s Pop Wig in Blonde. Perfect for Madonna. Shoulder length curly blonde wig with black ribbon.  The black ribbon is detached.Suitable for Madonna 80s, Marilyn Monroe. 1950s Glamour.

ANGELINA – Long White Wig

Angelina Long straight wig with fringe. Synthetic fiber.  Great for an Angel costume.

BLOODTHIRST – Vampire Black

Bloodthirst Vampire Wig Black with white streaks. Perfect for Dracula.

Bob – Neon Yellow Wig Deluxe

Paige Wig. Neon Yellow chin length bob wig deluxe smooth synthetic fiber.

CAPE – Vampire Deluxe Red Lining

Deluxe Vampire cape in satin black with red lining.  Adult size.  Make up a great Dracula for your Halloween party.

CLOWN – Orange wig

Orange Clown wig.  Adult Size this curly wig is perfect for any happy clown costume.

CLOWN – Rainbow Wig

Multi colored Clown wig in Rainbow Colors. Adult Size this curly wig is perfect for any happy clown costume.

FABIO Brown and Blonde long Wig

Fabio Wig. Long brown wig with blonde streaks.

Jessica Long Wig with Fringe

Jessica Long Brown wig with fringe.  Synthetic straight fibre.

LILY – Long Black w / White Stripes

Lily Munster Wig. Black long no fringe, centre part with white streaks

News Reader Brown Mens wig

News Reader Brown mens wig.  Perfect for Anchorman Ron Burgundy to complete your costume.

PAIGE – Aqua Blue Wig

Paige Wig. Bright Aqua blue wig long with side part. Synthetic fiber.