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Bat Girl Costume

Cute Bat Girl costume to purchase for Halloween. You will love the gloves and wings in this costume.

Costume Includes:

  • Dress,
  • Headpiece,
  • Wings & Glovelets

Halloween Lights – Ghosts

Halloween lights ghosts light up. Comes with lights and sound. 10-piece pack.

Halloween skull Lights

Halloween skull lights.  Skeletons light up and make noise 10 piece pack.

Mini Skeleton Angel Decoration

Mini skeleton Angel Hanging decoration with wings. 45cm wide.

String of Ghosts light up

String of ghosts to decorate your room.6 x Mini Ghosts Hanging w/Multi Colored Lights
Includes: 3 x AA Batteries
Size: 170cm Long
Each Ghost is Approx: 40cm Tall