How to Host a Winning Oscar Party

You don’t have to be an A-Lister to have an amazing time on Oscar night. Bring the excitement of the red carpet home with a winning Oscar party! With these simple tips, you and your guests will have a night full of fun.oscar statue.pg

Start by setting the scene. Decorate your living room, or wherever you will watch the awards, with movie clapper boards on the walls, gold tablecloths on the coffee tables, bedazzled black pillows on the sofas, and gold helium balloons everywhere!

The Academy Awards are almost as much of a fashion event as an entertainment event. An Oscar party is your time to shine! Have all of your guests dress up in their red carpet best.bat-hepburn-audrey-breakfast-at-tiffanys_14

Audrey Hepburn is always good inspiration for glamour looks.  Pay homage to directorial greats of the past as 1920s film director!

Get old Hollywood glam, go rocker chic, or push the boundaries of style with an avant-garde signature look. Whatever you do, go big!

film director

To make it Oscar-worthy and not just your average costume party, buy a swath of red material from your local craft store and create your own red carpet! Once everyone has arrived, take turns walking the red carpet one at a time. Posing is mandatory!

Elect one guest, or yourself, to serve as the host and give running commentary on the costumes as each guest walks. Don’t forget a microphone for your host!game show host

Hold a vote for the best costume and award the winner the first ‘Oscar’ of the night. A gold-foil wrapped chocolate bar makes a delicious and affordable statue substitute! The Best Dressed Guest is sure to enjoy their golden treat.

Once everyone is settled in, but before the award ceremony begins, have your guests fill out predicted winner forms for each category. At the end of the night, count up who had the most correct guesses and award The Best Oscar Predictor a chocolate Oscar, as well!

No party is complete without good food and drink and a great Oscar party is no exception! Champagne, sparkling juices for the non-drinkers, and water jazzed up with fruit slices are de rigueur for your high-class event. Classic party favorites, like chips with dip, cheese boards, and spiced nuts are great, too.

Make the night feel extra special by including fancier hors d’oeuvres, like mini-cheesecakes and crispy samosas, in your spread!

Wrap up a wonderful party and a night to remember the right way. Send your guests home with Oscar night swag bags! Truffles wrapped in gold foil, boxes decorated like old film reel containers and filled with candy, and polaroids from the party all make great swag bag inclusions.

Make this year’s Oscar night one of the best nights of year. Wowing your guests is easy with these simple tips!